Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to fix and update Moanas boat

Performing a chain of Mona’s tasks in Disney Dream light Valley, you will ultimately help to help repair her fishing boat. This will be part of the repair of the boat quest and quite important in the game that you will receive when your level of friendship with it reaches a second level.

By repairing its fishing boat, you will automatically create a batch of fish, so you can cook dishes for consumption or sale. You can also improve its boat using various upgrades.

The next leadership will tell you how to fix and modernize Mona’s fishing boat.

How to fix a boat Mona

To fix Mona’s boat, the first step is to invite Mona to the village. Then you need to collect the following items:

  • 50x soft wood: you can find around the trees.
  • 70x fiber: can be made from seaweed or caught in a pond.
  • 3X Pink hydrangea: can be accidentally found around Dazzle Beach.

As soon as you purchase all the above items, return to Mona’s boat and pass them on to complete the quest.

How to improve Mona’s boat

You can improve Mona’s fishing boat nine times. Each renewal will increase the number of fish generated. The cost of each update will also increase exponentially.

A completely improved boat will give you 20 times more fish each time. This may include even such rare fish as pike perch and fugue. The time required to create fish will be about 5 minutes after the completion of all updates.

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