Wiesbaden reports back in Meppen

SV When Wiesbaden has for the time being overcome its short deep in the third football league and reported back in the race for the promo locations.

At the start of the 15th match day at SV Happen, the Hesse won 3-0 (2-0) and initially climbed up three once again.
With 27 points, When lags SV Elvers berg (32) as well as 1860 Munich (29).
Double marker Ivan Pertain (7th/87th) and also John Airedale (12th) met after three basic scenarios for Wiesbaden, which had actually lately shed twice in a row.
Happen promoted at the very least one goal, yet proceeded the free fall with the eleventh game straight without victory.

The Slander are in 17th place, but could slide throughout of the table throughout the suit day.

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