ROGETA talks about how Ignis Cup was created and how LOLs Casters life is

The first League of Legends Women’s Championship organized by Riot Games began on Tuesday, November 1, and was oadcast on all official CBOL channels. GNIS Cup is the realization of an old dream of the female scene and has as its background the effort of countless women. With this in mind, MGG azil L interviewed Maria Julia Conquered , better known as rocket, which is one of the key pieces for the consolidation of this female scenario. The conversation, which took place in the corridors of azil Game Show 2022, revealed a little about how the competition was created and more than that: it treated the life of Maria Fog eta in the Riot Games universe .

In addition to rocket, Casters team is made up of Angola, creator of Revel ah Casters, Raven Data, Caster and Raven’s creator-Wild Rift Women’s Championship-Tabata, Anita and BAII. IGN IS CUP takes place between November 1st and 12th and has a total prize of R $110 thousand, the complete tournament guide can be accessed here.

IGN IS CUP: The beginning of everything

During the interview-carried out in the middle of the chaotic rush that was BGS-the always funny and open rocket told how the first steps to the existence of the IGN IS CUP were given. She made it clear that the competition is a result of everything that worked in the female scene-which started after 10 years of League of Legends in azil and only after Valiant’s Game Changers, the young FPS of Riot, was a big success:

_ I think every mine that works at League of Legends always expected the moment when the female scenery would have a space. A moment when we would have the opportunity to create something, and that this female scenario was really valued by itself Riot. We started having some projects like Revel ah Casters , which is my project with Angola to reveal new casters, and the Gamers Club that also continues to perform some women’s championships, we also had the In house Jinx that was promoting and moving Many things, many people were standing out because of that.

Maria Fourth told how it all started with a conversation: _In the beginning of this year, about May, CAC Antone s, one of Riot’s main directors, called me to talk and said ‘rocket, the game changers Valorant worked very well, and we’ll make LOL work too, and for that I need you. ‘And then on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon preschool academy we sat down, and he took a notebook, one Sketchbook, and said: ‘Dude, you’ll tell me everything that happened all these years, what worked, what went wrong, what worked and what didn’t work, and we’ll build it together’. It’s just the conclusion of a female initiative created by me and Riot Games encompassing all the women’s projects that culminated in a female championship that we want to grow more and that has a split, two splits, and that Serve as a showcase for us to show these girls, show these talents and hope they arrive UEM in CBOL too. _

ROGET: League of Legends

The conversation continued talking about the profession and rocket performance in the competitive scenario and its current aspirations. She assured that for now she does not intend to go to another scenario and also gave tips to the people they want, just like her, becoming lol casters:

You are a person who has been in the League of Legends scenario for some time, do you want to go to another scenario?

_ I don’t know, it’s too early. I arrived a short time ago in League of Legends and I have a lot to conquer. I’ve gained a lot and managed to build a female scenario that still has a lot to grow, so it’s too early. _

tell me a little how is your life as a lol caster?

_ Dude, I think I have a slightly different question because I am caster and also have a lot of contact with social media, always being very close to the public. It is a lot that is asked for me, very presence my choice there. So it turns out that I have to dedicate myself too much and spend a lot of time, if normally people spend four or five days in riot, or I’m going six. So, so, I end up dedicating myself a lot, but I think that’s it, I think it’s Dedication, it’s rush, you surrender, it’s a lot of study involved. So I think it’s more or less.

What tips would you give to who is starting now?

_ Have commitment to the game you have chosen to study, that you chose to grow, work. Be a single game, be two, be three-if you love it.
Life, because you have to dedicate yourself a lot to him. Man, always impose a lot, make people respect you, ask this respect, ask this respect for the community and the people who accompany you as well. Because everyone who you

Accompany, accompany your work, want to see you being valued. Demand respect from others and demand that these others respect third parties: so everything will be easier, and you will have an amazing crowd to follow and cheer for you.
Currently ROGET is competing in the category of Best Caster at the Esports azil Award, which is already open to the public.
_ uno Altars Cover Image, Official Photographer of Riot Games azil

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