[Concall] Kakao Games Aki World, Buddy Shot Crypto Ecosystem

[ Moon Byung-soo] CEO CHO Kyuhyun, CEO of Aka Games, said in a 3Q earnings presentation conference call on the 2nd, In the case of blockchain games, ‘Aka World’ and ‘Buddy Shot’ were released. The goal is to complete the sustainable economic structure based on the proven gameplay, he said.

Aka World, which was launched in September, is operating one server to stabilize the optimization and stabilization economy system, and the traffic parameters are not large due to the nature of the blockchain game, but the in-game token economy shows sustainability and creates a meaningful transaction. We plan to gradually expand the size of services such as opening new server, publishing additional NFT contents, and entering the Americas in the first half of next year. We are creating a good example of combining blockchain features with MMO games. I explained.

In addition, Buddy Shot, which was introduced in October, is also focusing on adding service stabilization contents, and when the stabilization ends, we will carry out global marketing through the contents of the tournament, such as the Born Cup, he added.

Mr. CHO said, Both games plan to focus on marketing after stabilizing service and to-token economy rather than marketing a lot. We are focusing on strengthening capacity. We will use multi-chains and alliance to expand overseas marketing and services.

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