SC Paderborn 2: 3 against HSV: Lukas Kwasniok still pleased

32 shots on objective, 5 objectives. Any individual who has a look at these stats in the leading game between Paderborn and the HSV understands what was provided in East Westphalia on Sunday midday.

Not only the several degrees, but also the intensity and the speed, for example the high pressing at the SCP, ensured amazed faces at the spectator. Train Lukas Kwasniok saw Sky a sexy video game, not simply from his team.

Gifted a little: Challenger battled

Today there was not just one victor, HSV, but a total of 2: the 2nd league as well as football.

Lukas Kwasniok

Train Lukas Kwasniok saw Skies a horny game, not just from his group. However we obtained also easy objectives today. Today there was not only one winner, HSV, but a total amount of two: the 2nd department and football.

The fact that Robert Later laced his initial dual pack was eventually a limited note. The offending player believed that was definitely more in it at 2: 3. We could have earned the victory a little more, yet Hamburg was simply more efficient.

This did not transform the praise of the naturally let down trainer Kwasniok, as did Challenger’s shitty feeling after the last whistle. The 41-year-old instructor summed up after the group’s leading performance: Regardless of the loss, I am very pleased with my children. Today there was not just one champion, HSV, however a total of 2: the 2nd department and football.

The first twenty minutes, consisting of the rapid leadership, were good, which therefore should have 1-0. However we got too very easy objectives today.

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