Assault against popular gym tours of Pokemon GO -Fromed to parents and children aged 75 and 35 years old

October 26, 2022 In the assault case over the Jim of Pokémon GO , Robert Materazzi (75 years old) and his son Angelo Materazzi (35 years old) were convicted.

According to ST. Louis Post-Dispatch reports, the incident occurred in June 2018, one of the popular spots for Poke GO players, one of the popular spots for Poke GO players. It is said that two teams had been fighting for a long time.

Materazzi When the steering wheel name Sammy The Bull, the victim who belonged to a different team from the parent and child, escalated the pace in the park, the son first beat Sammy and dropped it into a lake in the park. He beat, and his father jumped into the lake and pushed the victim’s head into the water, and Sammy suffered damage from his face abrasion, traumatic eye damage, finger fracture, and nail peeling.

The state of this great brawl was recorded by a person in the park at the time, and was recognized by the victim’s former Poke GO teammates and police officers to the Materazzi parent and child of the third class assault. He was sentenced to three-day imprisonment in his father Robert, and his son Angelo was only fined.

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