Exos Heroes, the new signature hero Athlan is released

Line Games (CEO Kim Minsky) unveiled a new signature hero, Athlon, on the 28th.

The five-star fate, Athlon, is a signature hero representing the St. West country, which gives them a variety of reinforcement effects according to the combat formation, while also holding attack skills that cause strong damage to single targets. ‘Athlon’ can be obtained with a higher chance until November 10th.

At the same time, a create is held to check the background story of Fate Core (character ability and appearance change). When targeting Core Raid, you can obtain a 4-5-star artifact summons ticket, and the coupons paid through the event can be exchanged with various products such as ‘Fate Core Rights’ and ‘National Recruitment Ticket’.


In addition, a new memory company set in the background of the Greenland country was added with the Rock Anne Story, and an update of bug modifications and convenience improvement was made.

There was also an event to commemorate the new hero update. By November 24th, all users who connect to Eros Heroes will be able to recruit high-quality free recruitment. In addition, the 7-day gift event will be held to receive rewards such as ‘500 Jess’ and ‘5 National Recruitment Tickets’ until November 25th.

For more information on information about Eros Heroes, content updates, and events, please visit the official title community.

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