How to get a sponge silkie minion to FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV offers players various classes, events and much more, especially when new updates come out. Patch 6.25 came out, which added a bunch of new content for the players. This includes new minions, such as Sponge Silkier. If you want to get this charming animal, you may be interested in how to unlock the SPONGE SILKIER minion in the Final Fantasy XIV.

where to get the minion of the linen sponges in Final Fantasy XIV

The Sponge Silkier minion can be obtained by going through the SIL’Dion Subterranean dungeon as prey. The catch is that there are three versions-an option, a dungeon of a criterion and a dungeon of a wild criterion. We recommend option as well as the dungeon criterion for the best chances and the fastest way to get the Stone Silkier minion to Final Fantasy XIV.

Since Stone Silkier is a random reward to pass this dungeon you may need to go through it several times before you finally get it. We recommend that you unite with friends so that you can quickly go through it. If you’re lucky, you will receive the Stone Silkier minion and add it to your collection in Final Fantasy XIV.

Before trying to get the SPONGE SILKIER minion, make sure you met PROPERTIES and unlocked the SIL’Dion Subterranean dungeon and its options. Here are the requirements for unlocking the STONE SILKIER minion in the SIL’Dion Subterranean dungeon in the Final Fantasy XIV.

  • Complete the main quest of the script in End walker.
  • Talk to Osman and Minchkaya Moore in Star Kharlayayan X: 11.9, Y: 13.3.
  • Perform the quest Key to the past.

To obtain additional information about the Final Fantasy XIV, read the control list for updating 6.25 Final Fantasy XIV-all you need to know and how to get the Clockwork Crimson Chaser minion in the Final Fantasy XIV, in the game manuals for professionals.

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