How to get a mount of Sila’Din throne in ffxiv

The 6.25 update for the Final Fantasy XIV was released, which will bring players a lot of new content. This includes various weapons, quests, decor and much more. But one thing that players will like is new means of transportation, including the throne of sil’din. This may make you think about how to unlock the sled animal SIL’Dion Throne in the Final Fantasy XIV.


where to get the Tron SIL’din thrift in Final Fantasy XIV

To get the sled animal SIL’din’s throne at the Final Fantasy XIV, you must purchase it from Tristan in Old Charlatan . The coordinates of the location of this supplier: X: 12, Y: 13.3. Silk’Minsky throne will throw you back 100 soup silver , a special currency that you can get for the passage of the dungeons with criteria. This includes the SIL’Dion Subterranean dungeon.

This is not just Superior SIL’Dan must be passed, or rather, its option. This is unlocked by completing the key to the past quest. This quest can be obtained by talking with Osman in Old Charlatan, and then with Shallow Moor, NPC, which will appear after talking with Osman. After you complete this quest, you can enter the criterion of the dungeon of the Silk’din dungeon.

There are prerequisites for this dungeon, including the implementation of the main End walker assignment, the achievement of the 90th level of the profession and the average level of the subject 610. Make sure that you fulfilled these requirements, otherwise you will not be able to get the SIL’Dion Throne transportation in Final Fantasy XIV. And travel the world with this luxurious throne.

To obtain additional information about the Final Fantasy XIV, visit the Final Fantasy XIV 6.2 website, which tells about the new Criterion Dungeon throne and how to get the Clockwork Crimson Chaser minion in the Final Fantasy XIV in professional guidelines.

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