The best Foxhole mods (and how to install them)

Foxhole is an interesting and exciting military simulator of the Second World War, which can be done even better by adding several mods. Fortunately, in our Pro Game manuals there is a convenient small list of some of the best mods that are currently available for Foxhole.

Best Fashion for Foxhole

Before checking our list of the best mods for Foxhole, we recommend checking our section How to install . You must also double-check all descriptions of mods/files . This will help you avoid problems with incompatibility and failures.

Collections of World War II-US naval infantry

If you are a fan of the history of World War II, then you will probably like this mod on the Second World War. In short, the World War 2 collections are a series of mods that change the appearance of units to various factions during the Second World War. This version of the fashion changes units so that they look like the US naval infantrymen during the Second World War. Mod can also change any fraction, guards and colonials.

Soviet technique

Another mod on the historical theme, which we recommend, is called Soviet machines. As the name implies, this mod is changed by the design of most vehicles of the colonial faction on the theme of the Soviet Union. Most resin will include Soviet sickle and hammer and various flags added to buildings. Here is a list of some vehicles changed in fashion.

  • Semi-gusenic
  • Gunboat
  • Field guns
  • Tanks
  • Logistic vehicles, such as trucks
  • Places
  • Armored vehicles

collections of World War II-Imperial Japanese Army

Imperial Japanese Army)-mod from the World War 2 Collection series for Foxhole. As in the case of the USMC mod, this mod changes units in the game so that they look like the Imperial Japanese army during the Second World War. However, this mod adds the following uniforms to Foxhole:

  • Officer
  • Medic
  • Engineer
  • Soldier
  • Grenadier
  • Scout
  • Raincoat
  • Armor

categorized card icons

Categorized Map ICONS is a funny mod that groups all different Foxhole cards in four corresponding groups. The mod also includes several new icons to improve the readability of the card and facilitate the search for locations in the game. Here are how many categories of icons of categorized card icons in the current assembly:

  • Generate
  • Resource
  • Storage
  • Craft products

captured colonial technique

Captured Colonial Vehicles is a mod that changes the appearance of the colonial fraction vehicles. Reskin affects all vehicles set by the colonial faction, and makes them similar to the captured vehicles of the guards’ faction. What does this mean in the game is that all colonial cars are replaced by guards with small differences? Because of this, this mod is ideal for players who like the appearance of vehicles of guards, or servers who want to create a civil war / uprising server. Here is a list of all vehicles affected or changed by this mod:

  • Semi-gusenic
  • Gunboat
  • Logistic cars
  • Field guns
  • Tanks
  • Places
  • Armored vehicles

How to install foxhole mods

Installing foxhole mods is easy; You must first download the file from the website for modding, for example Nexus Fashion . After loading your chosen, you can easily extract a file using a program such as 7-ZIP. If you already have a 7-ZIP or a similar program, you can install your Foxhole mod by unpacking it in the next folder:

  • Steamsteamappscommonfoxholewarcontentpaks


Most mods will require their files to be extracted in the PAK folder. However, if a mod for Foxhole requires more steps, we recommend double-check. Description of mod sand File descriptions on their download sites.

To obtain more remarkable guidelines for games such as Foxhole, we will provide you with Pro Game Guides: all the ranks and levels of Foxhole and He’ll Let Loose Review-horror, courage, courage .

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