Steam Magical Girl JRPG THIS WAY MADNESS LIES Delivery on November 11. The director of the theater department adventures in the Shakespeare world with his friends

Developer Boyd Games announced on October 14 that the RPG THIS WAY MADNESS LIES will be distributed on November 10. The compatible platform is PC (Steam). In Japan, it will be distributed on November 11 due to time difference. The price is $9.99, so it will be around 1000 yen.

THIS WAY MADNESS LIES is a work affected by the so-called JRPG of Japanese RPGs. The main character IMOGEN is a girl who produces theater while attending school every day as the director of Stratoford-Apon-Avon-Avon Theater. And she was not just a student, but a magical girl. She says that by using her magic power, she can teleport into another dimension world with Shakespeare’s theme.

The stage of this work is the city of Verona, Italy. It was a quiet city where lovers live, but they are being attacked by huge mutant plants by nightmare corps. So Imogen adventures this city with her friends. She fights the invaders and returns to her original world by the dinner time.

IMOGEN has six friends, Paulina, Viola, Rosalind, Miranda, Beatrice, and Kate, and she seems to have a four party party. This work is drawn in a classic dot picture visual, and a turn-based work that seems to be influenced by JRPG in the battle. From the screenshots, it can be said that they will use various skills and items to fight. In addition, there is an action called Unite that combines the abilities of multiple characters.

The worldview of this work is based on the theme of Shakespeare’s work, and the lines in the play are translated into modern English, and they seem to be incorporated everywhere in the game. In addition, it seems that some theater elements, comedy elements, and pets are also available.

This work is a compact work that can be cleared in about 4 to 5 hours, although it depends on the difficulty and play style. The developer BOYD GAMES seems to have developed this work, believing that more JRPG works that can be played in a short time should be released in a short time. By the way, the studio has been working on works affected by Japanese RPGs, such as CTHULHU SAVES THE WORLD and Cosmic Star Heroine.


THIS WAY MADNESS LIES will be distributed in Japan on November 11 for PC (Steam).

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