I asked the developer of the Nintendo Switch version release Polytopia developers. Why did you get overwhelmingly popular on Steam, and why did you support Japanese?

On October 13, developer Median has launched the nintendo switch version of the turn-based strategic game Polynomial . The price is 1999 yen (tax included), and the game is compatible with Japanese display. In addition to this, other versions of this work also supported Japanese.

In this work, the mobile version was distributed in 2016, and the PC (Steam) version was released in 2020. At this time, it is very highly evaluated, such as acquiring overwhelmingly popular status in Steam user reviews. In our magazine, we talked to MEDIAN about the charm of this work, the transplant to Nintendo Switch, and future plans.

First, let’s introduce the outline of Polynomial. This work is a turn-based strategy game that uses cute low-polygongraphics. The stage is a flat world where people called Politician live. Players select and play from 12 types of tribes (excluding DLC). Each tribe has a different technology that you have learned, for example, Shin-Shi can go on a mountain tiles, and Blue can hunt wild beasts. In addition, not only for the unit, but also for each tribe, the environmental expression of the randomized map changes dramatically.

This work is a so-called 4X game. The player sends out the unit produced at the base and searches the map. Fighting other tribes, we will expand our territory while developing new technologies. Technology can be developed by consuming stars that can be earned for each turn according to the population of their own team. For example, units with different abilities are unlocked, and stars are consumed and produced. In this way, we will strengthen our power and expand our territory while opposing the invasion of the enemy tribe.

The game mode includes a perfect-containing high score in a total of 30 turns, a dominance aiming to defeat all other tribes, and a creative that can be adjusted by adjusting various rules. The PC/mobile version of this work is compatible with multiplayer, but the nintendo switch version is currently only single play.

As mentioned earlier, this work has been very highly evaluated for the PC version and mobile version released earlier. It seems that it is a strategic game with a depth while it is easy to enjoy, including the game design that can be played intuitively, while it is easy to enjoy.

By the way, we will send an interview with the developer Median.

――― Polynomial has finally responded to Japanese, but what did you decide on Japanese support?

A lot of voices from Japanese players want to translate the game. In the future, Japanese players will be able to get information to play Politician well.

―― I think this is a major feature of this work that can be enjoyed relatively easily and intuitively as a 4X game. What are the reasons for adopting such a game design and the particular points?

The initial goal was to create an interesting strategy game that can be played on a small mobile device. Therefore, we had to make a simple user interface and game design so that we could enjoy it for 10 to 20 minutes during the break.

— Is there any work that was influenced by the development of this work or referred to a specific element?

Yes, I have. We are a big fan of City Relation. It is no exaggeration to say that Politician is a rationalization of Civilization.

―― This work is a user review, overwhelmingly popular in Steam, and very high reputation in App Store and Google Play. How do you take it as a developer?

Of course, I am very satisfied with the high rating. This is a sign that we created a unique game. Some players have been playing for years. You can see that the game is highly reliable, and it’s a personal story, but I play every day without getting tired. As a player in Polynomial, I still have a lot of things that can be improved.

—Is it such a high reputation since the launch of the mobile version in 2016? Or have you been evaluating little by little so far? If you are the latter, please tell us what kind of efforts you have taken.

In fact, it has been highly evaluated from the beginning of the release, but in order to maintain its evaluation, we have been working on adding new tribes and functions and adjusting the balance of games. We always see reviews, collect feedback from players, and seek how to improve the game.

-The other day, it was announced that the total platform had a total of 16 million downloads. Does it mean that sales are still strong? What is the number of sales sold in the Steam version?

I don’t mention the details of sales, but it’s definitely going well. As an indie game developer, we can continue to focus on making wonderful games, not to make money.

――Please tell us about the reason for the success so far.

I think it’s a combination of the strategic depth of the game after gaining experience. The game play based on advanced skills and almost no random elements makes it a game of skills that can be a good player by learning players. I think that the graphic style of the small number of polygons and the legends related to each tribe are also captivated by the player.

-What is the reason you chose Nintendo Switch for the first console version? Also, do you have any difficulties in transplantation and development?

I feel that Nintendo fans have the appropriate types of indie games. The Nintendo Switch also has a touch screen, which is a mobile game released as a mobile game. The main issue in transplantation is to be able to operate the game intuitively with the controller.

――White nintendo switch version distribution, I think some people will touch the strategic game for the first time in this work. Please let me know if you have any advice on game play for strategic game beginners.

It is recommended to read the text information pop-up while playing the game. It contains a lot of useful information about how to master the game. Let’s start with a simple level and gradually make it difficult. Once you have experience, please do your best to acquire 3 stars in each tribe. There should be a lot of work.

―― Some advanced strategic games know about this work in the nintendo switch version. What do you want to appeal to them?

The nintendo switch version contains all 12 tribes, so try a variety of tribes. The tribes start with one skill in the technical tree. Therefore, it is necessary to play in a different strategy depending on the tribe. It is also necessary to prepare the strategy depending on the tribe you meet.

―― multiple additional tribes are sold as DLC. I wonder where to buy it, but do you recommend it?

We call the DLC tribe a special tribe. They have more special abilities, actually create new game experiences and forced them to play completely different from ordinary tribes. Nevertheless, in a special tribe or a normal tribe, a tribe is not better than other tribes. There is only the right strategy to win. And that strategy is all of Politician.

-Multiplayer seems to be offline only for the nintendo switch version, but are there plans to support online or use cross-play in the future?

I would like to add multiplayer later, but there is no formal plan yet.

―― Please tell us about the future plans and prospects of this work.

The game will continue to be improved in the future. At this time, we are working on the introduction of skins in games and developing new tribes. We are also working on e-sports functions that can easily launch and operate multiplayer tournaments. The e-sports version includes turn time restrictions, replays, and other cool elements. It will definitely be interesting!

The Battle of Polynomial is being distributed for Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam) and iOS/Android.

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