FFXIV All Saints Wake October 2022 All unlocked objects, the location of the quest and a ghost house

Starting on October 19, the terrible season officially begins in the Final Fantasy XIV with the return of the commemoration of all saints. In this, the second commemoration on the occasion of all saints this year (2021 was postponed), players will be able to unlock a new glamour, a new interior item, a new emotion and much more. Here is all that needs to be unlocked, the place of the quest and the details of the House with Ghosts.

Quest Final Fantasy XIV All Saints Wake Unlock

To start the All Saints Wake event, go to the old grid and talk with the investigator of the Guild of Adventure Seekers. They are located in (x: 10.3, y: 9.1). Take the quest and complete it to start unlocking.

Final Fantasy XIV Dr.’s suit Awakening

A special glamour of this event, which opens after the completion of the quest, is a doctor of awakening. This is a complete set and is available for all classes. It can also be painted, which makes it an excellent glamorous element for various outfits. For us, it looks like something suitable for Gun breaker, a class that fought for his own unique charm in the past.

Final Fantasy XIV VISA in a cage

This interior item can be purchased after you perform an event quest. The stained desktop item WISP also radiates light, so it is ideal for creating an excellent atmosphere in your free company or personal house.

Emotion FFI Eat pumpkin cookies

Another remarkable emotion of eating, in addition to the emotions of eating apples and eating bread, this action of devouring the cookies is unlocked after the completion of the quest Awakening of all saints.

House with ghosts of the wolves of all saints

The House with Ghosts function returns with a completely new location and non-game characters in which you can change. Traditionally, players were limited by such outfits as the Haul estate or other dungeons.

But now a fantastic location in the world of miracles with fog, pumpkin and a common terrible atmosphere was created. And there are new NPCs in which you can dress, including from the Southern Front of Botha and End walker additions!

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