Patch 6.25 will be released on October 18! FF14 scenario development backstory is also 73rd PLL together

Square Enix held the 73rd FFI Producer Letter LIVE on October 8 in the 8th 14 Hours Live Broadcast, which introduces new information on Final Fantasy XIV .


Patch 6.2 feedback, patch 6.25 announced on the release date, and in the second half of this PLL information, which was also performed by the developer panel!

Looking back on patch 6.2, such as uninhabited islands and purgatory editions!

First, start from a reflection of the content implemented in patch 6.2. By the way, next to Mr. Yeshiva is not a white-painted monster, but Mr. Morison, a familiar Moral in PLL.

In this story, Goleta Shinto appeared from FF4. In the patch trailer, Sharlene of the soil was reflected, but the appearance of Barbaric of the Wind in the defeat was hidden until the patch was released.

Regarding the fact that he was hiding the information of Barbaric, Mr. Yeshiva did not want to take the information first (Shinto) coming out at once!? Ta. In addition, the future development is supplemented as there is a plot of betrayal that exceeds the user’s expectations.

The content of Barbaric Dunning Battle as a content was a very high-tempo battle, and while there were many factors that think of brain-training, the concept of wachawacha has started anyway. He also commented that he had a hard time expressing the expression of hair gimmicks used by Barbaric.

Next, the pandemonium purgatory edition, I apologized for the HP adjustment of the Boss Hephaestus at the beginning of the broadcast.

The existence of Asian was deeply rigged in Jet Black Villains and Katsuki no Finale, but since Capable has been sent off early in the story, it will be re-appeared this time. There are many Gun dam fans in the FF14 development team, and it is decided that Capable (voice: Chukchi IKEA) speaks a long time ago, and it seems to be a discerning point.

The raid bosses this time were noticeable to use a gimmick that uses the battle area widely, such as gimmicks called Gauge and three layers. Movement, such as changing the field, has been systematized with the efforts of programmers and designers, and it seems that gimmicks using this are trend inside the development. We are looking forward to the next pandemonium.

In addition, regarding the one-week shift in the implementation of zero-type content, which was listed as an attempt from this time, there were much favorable feedback. Regarding the policy of shifting in the future, it seems that the implementation timing will be eliminated, although it is currently referring to the data currently tuned.

Regarding job adjustments, the development team has been described as the intention of adjustment to explain why this adjustment was described. It is said that this initiative will continue for the time being. It is said that the sentence is simple so that it does not cause misunderstanding by partially cut out.

In the patch 6.25 update, each job does not adjust, and the adjustment is scheduled to be implemented in patch 6.28. Mr. Yeshiva commented that the system was maintained in patch 6.3, as the main balance adjustment, such as the power of the skills to correct the in-roll disparity.

The PVP content has increased in the population since the Crystal Conflict was implemented in patch 6.1, making it the largest ever. This is also scheduled for the job adjustment in patch 6.28, but it seems that patch 6.25 will be adjusted in the content of the Front Line series that the knight Kara impairs the game balance.

Regarding Crystal Conflict, the balance between jobs is good, and the winning rate is about the same. It seems that adjustments such as slightly suppressing hidden strong job will be implemented.

Regarding the development of uninhabited islands, there were many voices in Japan saying, Tell Yeshiva the meaning of slow life ! Regarding this, I think it is a characteristic of Japanese players, and overseas tends to play at their own pace. But we calculate that we will work efficiently if we are presenting agricultural people and tasks! Responds to the situation dominated by an uninhabited island.

The part implemented this time is the beginning of the uninhabited island development content, and it has commented that the goals and tasks were intentionally presented so as not to lose sight of how to proceed and pace.

It seems that he is also challenging whether the housing item (garden) can be installed while renovating the UI side and making it possible to provide the individuality of his own island with buildings and the like.

In addition, graphic feedback and Mr. Yeshiva’s comments on it have been developed, such as the umbrella Dance Emote and the effects of Titania Weapon.

Patch 6.25 is implemented on October 18! The shows of reward equipment…

Next, we moved to the information introduction of Patch 6.25, and it was announced that Patch 6.25 will be released on October 18 (Tuesday). Patch 6.25 will implement a friendly part of the friendly quest Omicron tribe, a sequel to the Hill Deb rand series of the incident store, and the Mandarin Weapon that derived from it.

In addition, a highly difficult content Another Dungeon developed with the concept of Variant Dungeon, which is a casual content for small groups, and 4-person zero type, will be implemented.

The previous broadcast mentions the details of these content, so please check it together.

The broadcast also released the rewards of the Omicron tribe and the equipment screenshots obtained in a certain dungeon. The reward equipment is a cool long coat equipment like a spy.

In November, a new DC Dynamic will be added to the North American area, and the number of worlds will increase. In the future, there are some nice news that work to add new land to all worlds is progressing.

Although the implementation time is under adjustment, it is not determined, but it is supplemented that the implementation time may be announced with the next PLL.

In the latter half of the broadcast, Mari Odd, who is supervised by the world setting, Katsuki Ashikaga, who worked on the main story of Jet Black and Katsuki, and Dacha Hired, who was in charge of Pandemonium and Bard Potter Quest. Development panels by groups.

There are plenty of interesting stories, such as how the story we usually experience is made and the movement of the scenario team, so please check the broadcast!

This time, we have delivered the information of the 73rd PLL. Details such as patch 6.25, Variant Dungeon, which are finally implemented, are summarized in the previous and earlier articles, so please check here.

Furthermore, FF14’s fan Thanksgiving Day will be held in the United States and the United Kingdom in 2023 in 2023, and will be held in Japan in 2024. The Japanese venue is currently being adjusted, and the details are waiting.

Final Fantasy XIV is being distributed for PC (Windows/Mac)/PS4/PS5. The next update patch 6.25 will be distributed on October 18.

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