Apologies to Nam Gung -hoon, CEO of Umamus Me. Regretting remarks at the time

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] CEO Nam Gung-hoon, CEO of Aka, attended the National Audit of the Political Affairs Committee held at the National Assembly in Guido, Seoul, and apologized for the operation of Umamusume Pretty Derby (hereinafter referred to as Umamusume).

Nam Gun said, It is a communication with the user, when she asks why Park Jong-il (Democratic Party) is asking for the reason for the backlash of ‘UMA Muse’ user.

I give you a boring apology to you and other users, including the commissioner. We have regretted the remarks we have done at that time and have already apologized, he said.

Earlier this month, CHO Kyuhyun, CEO of Aka Games, also apologized twice through an official café. He said on the 18th, We listen to the voices of our users and reflect on the hearts of the user’s voice through this meeting.

Meanwhile, Amuse, which was serviced by Aka Games and produced by Japanese developers, is a mobile game that has become popular in June this year, achieving the No. 1 market sales. However, as it was pointed out that it was operating different from Japan, which was released earlier, there were two wagon demonstrations that users promoted voluntarily.

Aka Games held a user meeting at Pang yo’s headquarters on the 17th, but the company asked the user’s question about compensation for the server inspection problem before the event was terminated. Since then, users have made a refund lawsuit, and the company has announced a change in communication by replacing the manager.

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