Final Fantasy 14, V6.1 New Adventure Update

Actozsoft (052790, CEO Go Harbin) announced on the 5th that it has updated the V6.1 ‘New Adventure’ in the PC MMORPG ‘Final Fantasy 14’.

The new main story of the new adventure after the V6.1 ‘New Adventure’ update ‘Final Fantasy 14’, which was completed in the last expansion pack ‘Howl’s End’ did. In addition, the new instance dungeon ‘Almeida undersea ruins’ and the new difficulty ‘Battle of the Finals’ were added, and the new chronicles quest ‘The myth of Georgia’ and the new 24-member Raid ‘Brilliant New Road Anglia’.

At the same time, the company unveiled the first 5 to 5 PVP content ‘Crystal Line Conflict’, which was introduced in ‘Final Fantasy 14’. It is a mock battle that was produced with the concept of a local exhibition where the Georgia Urban Military Alliance held a few people in three maps with each strategic element. If you are a level 30 or more users without a limit to occupation, level, or role, anyone can participate in equal conditions, and the real-time matching system for each rank can experience faster and more brilliant battles.

In addition, the company added a ‘mission support’ system to be able to attack with NPCs in the dungeons and contexts of the main quests of ‘New Georgia’, and improved the complex roads more easily. In addition, the ‘Fantastic costume room’ system that can be purchased in ‘Crystal Shop’, ‘Adventure Card’ system that can decorate the user’s profile, and ‘Memories of Memories’ to enjoy the last journey. The company has greatly improved the convenience of users, such as the introduction of the ‘luck sales’ method, which can be purchased more easily.

In addition, the company introduced the new housing area of ‘Issue Hard’, and has made various updates such as expressing new emotions, new rides, and adding new ‘little friends’.

Actozsoft will hold events and promotions that offer various benefits to commemorate the ‘Final Fantasy 14’ V6.1 ‘New Adventure’ update.

First, if you play in a franchise PC room for more than an hour, you can double the PC room point that can be exchanged for various items during the weekend. The event will be held to provide a ticket for various prizes and goods products. In addition, for users who use the franchise PC room, we have also prepared a coupon that provides ‘Orchestra Tail (Journeys Version)’ and a little friend ‘Naming Way’.

The new users can then play free of charge and the first expansion pack ‘Changchun Issue Hard’. In addition, even if you connect for 7 days after joining new, ‘Honey Bread’, ‘Transportation Network Pass’, ‘Military Combat Manual’, and Level Equipment Set, etc. He presents a lot of items such as Maid’s Made Gap, Little Friends ‘Fat Ryan’, ‘Unfortunate Rabbit’, Acting Textbooks ‘Victory’, Hair Catalog ‘Wings of Adults’, and ‘Fresh Panda’.

New users sell ’30-day flat-rate pass’ at a 50% discount, and new users who purchase flat-rate products will receive ‘7 Days Free Pass’, 2 types of 80-level jumping items, and 80-level jewelry sets. Returning users who purchased a flat-rate product will receive a 3-day free pass and present a full set of level 90 equipment to enjoy the latest update content.

In addition, if you experience the new content of V6.1 ‘New Adventure’ for all users, it provides ‘inactive petal cluster’, and ‘Rosa Costume Set’, Ride ‘Black Pegasus’, ‘Reinforced Hades Weapons’ Bingo event is held.

Meanwhile, ‘Final Fantasy 14’, which celebrated its 7th anniversary of Korea’s service this year, has been responding to the high level of completion of the work with four expansion packs, and through the expansion of the free trial opportunities, the V6.0 ‘Howl’ update has been update since the last V6.0 ‘Howl’ update. I have achieved the best traffic. In particular, in this update, the new main story is released after the first scenario is completed.

Details of the new expansion pack v6.1 ‘New Adventure’ of PC MMORPG ‘Final Fantasy 14’ can be found on the official website.

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