Scorn advances its release date

Since its revelation announcement, Scorn has earned the public’s attention thanks to its aesthetics inspired by H.R. Tiger. With its launch planned by the end of next October, many can no longer wait to enjoy the next Xbox exclusive. Fortunately, It was recently revealed that this game will reach our hands before planning.

Thanks to the new game trailer, it has been revealed that scorn has changed its release date. However, we do not see a delay here, but an advance. On this occasion, The EBB Software game will no longer be available on October 21, but on October 14, a week before.

For those who do not know, scorn_ is a horror game in the first person focused on the puzzles . One of the main objectives of developers is to offer an experience that excels the rest of the titles that we can find in this genre. We just have to wait and see if they will do it or not.

Remember, Scorn_ will arrive at Xbox Series X | S and PC on October 14, 2022 . In related issues, you can learn more about this game here.

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