What to do in FFXIV after endwalker MSQ

Final Fantasy XIV can sometimes be a difficult game. With the history of almost a decade, which can be passed only in the main plot quest (MSQ), it may seem that the completion of history is Hercules Task. However, as soon as you finish MSQ, to decide what to do can be just as difficult. With such many offers, some players can be paralyzed to decide what to do next. Therefore, to help, we described in detail only some of the things that you can do in FFI End walker after the completion of the main plot quest.

Start a raid!

In addition to the raids for a 24 people from a crystal tower, in the Final Fantasy XIV there are no obligatory plot raids. However, they are one of the most attractive and interesting materials in the game. You do not need to immediately switch to the level of Wild complexity. It is enough just to try normal to get excellent equipment and participate in fascinating side stories. But as soon as you are ready, you can go to the most complex content in the game.

try PVP

Final Fantasy XIV is not entirely known for its PVP, but there is some fantastic content in which players strictly resist each other. Crystalline Conflict, Frontline and Rival Wings are three different game modes. Crystalline Conflict is a kind of tug of rope 5 to 5. Rival Wings is a mode similar to Mob, and Frontline is a huge mass battle. You can also participate in duels with players, so there are many PVP contents that you can enjoy.

rest in your island sanctuary

The island sanctuary added in Patch 6.2 is an additional agricultural content that adds a huge variety of things to the game. This is a long way, but still incredibly fascinating. An avid player spent most of this content in a month, but for late starts it is still a great way to get several unique minions and horses.

return to the city its former glory

Currently, the game has two parts of the content for recovery. Asgard restoration and restoration of Woman. One is focused on craft and collection, and the second is more based on donations. In any case, these fragments of content change the idea of what it means to be a hero in FFI. This is not only battles! You can help people rebuild and start a new life with your game character.

lose your troubles in Golden Saucer

Golden Saucer is a functionally terrible casino, because the player always wins! This is what makes it so exciting, as you can spend a clock here on numerous mini-games. In addition, there are additional games such as Woman Mahjong, Lords of Vermilion and Triple Triad. Speaking of a triple triad…

Assemble the cards of the triple triad

Collecting more than 350 Triple Triad cards in the game is a huge task, but it will require you to fulfill all kinds of content. From raids to tests, Triple Triad games with non-game characters and side quests-the game does not have another collection, which requires such a variety of tasks. Moreover, the collection of cards gives the best deck, so this additional content contributes to its own success!

become a craftsman or collector

The craft and collection system in Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best in any MMO. To use your abilities to create an object, real game knowledge and skills are required, which means an incredible depth of the system. In addition, with a parallel increase in the level to 90, there are a lot of content in these craft work, so you should definitely check them!

Parish at home

Housing was named one of the FFI real end grass. This is because the Gil millions necessary for the home and the housing lottery system make it very frightening. Nevertheless, the creation of a free company or the accumulation of money for a personal house is a great way to fill your time in FFI.

Place the RP Assent

If you think that you have exhausted all the possibilities of content in FFI, then you just need to create your own! In addition to all the content created by the developers, there are hundreds, if not thousands of role communities in the Final Fantasy XIV. They vary from random to deep role-playing games. But the easiest way is to go to a nightclub in the game. Each data center has dozens of data, and this is an incredibly unique way to play and enjoy the game.

Looking for guidelines for this fantastic additional content? Learn about all the new Triple Triad cards in the Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 and how to get them, in the game manuals for professionals.

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