The father of Battleground makes a meta bus game

[ Moon Byung-soo] ‘Player Unknown’ Brendan Green, who led the global hit ‘Battleground’, is developing a megabus game with the next film.

According to foreign sources on the 29th, Brendon Green announced that it is developing an Artemis, a meta bus game project. Artemis is a web 3-based meta bus game, which was introduced in the form of gamers in the form of an open world of the same planet-sized planet. There is also a transaction system based on blockchain.

Brendon Green also released a video of the technology demonstration ‘Prologue’, the basis of the Artemis project in the ‘The Game Awards 2019’ showcase.

Branden Green, however, did not define Artemis as a general concept of meth uses. What we want to make is this, and we will give people a lot of fun, joy, and many meaningful things, he said. But it doesn’t matter if it’s called meths. I don’t.

Brandon Green is a developer who made a name-inspired Battle Royale mode in the movie ‘Battle Royale’ and later joined the Craft ton camp to lead the development of battlegrounds. Battleground, which is said to have established the Battle Royale genre, is a shooting game that confronts the last survivor of up to 100 people. It was released in December 2017.

Since 2019, Brandon Green has been developing new work from the Amsterdam Development Studio, a player of the Armor Dame, and has left the Crampon Union in 2021 and converted it to an independent company system. Craft Tone has a part of the player’s no-production.

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