How to get night fragments in the Drimlinite Valley (and how to use them)

There can be no light without darkness. Although the night fragments may seem a little threatening, they play an important role in the environment of the Dream light valley. From quests to gifts, night fragments must be collected and stored in the same way as fragments of dreams. Here’s how you can get them, and also why you can use them.


where to find night fragments in the Dream light Valley

Night fragments are quite easy to find if you know where to look. When you travel through various biomes that make up the Dream light valley, you will notice the miles of dirt on the ground. They look like this:

Use your Magic shovel to dig up a bunch of dirt. If you want to restore the soil after digging, just click on the open land again, holding the shovel to restore the ground.

When you dig the soil, a variety of objects may appear, from clay and soil to seeds. However, when you dig up mud embankments, there is a very good chance that you will dig up at least one night fragment.

These heaps of mud are recovered quite quickly, so wander around the valley in search of a bunch of dirt. Most likely, by the time you return to the boom, which you started in piles of mud, this boom will recover.

Using night fragments in Dream light Valley

In addition to use in various quests based on magic, night fragments are especially useful when it comes to the manufacture of gifts. In order to make a cleaned night fragment a special gift that can be presented to any resident of the village for enhanced friendship, you will need five night fragments.

You can also sell night fragments in any of the GUI counters, although we do not recommend doing it. Although night fragments are much easier to collect than fragments of dreams, the valley has simpler ways to make money.

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