Rurouni Kenshin dodges the overwhelming trailer of his new anime, more faithful to the original manga

Around Ken shin , Shōnen Jump’s famous manga will soon return to the most rabid news of the medium thanks to the new anime he prepares Laden Films and of which we already have a first and overwhelming trailer that you can See on these lines and that presents this new plot arc that promises to be much more faithful to the original work than previous adaptations. And despite the controversy related to its author, Nobuhiro Katsuki -with murky and criminal matters in between-, the manga continues in Japan along with very good state of form and a new arch along with the wife of the wife of the famous feudal Japan swing. And this new anime is good proof of this.

The famous Around Ken shin returns to the walks

Thus, after announcing a new anime project for a series popular and settled Around Ken shin, we finally have this first advance presented this weekend part of the Triplex Online Fest , together with the promise that This new anime series will adapt the entire manga story, so fans have Around Ken shin for a while.

At the moment there is no concrete relee date, although we do know that it will arrive during the next year 2023 , at let in Japan. A new animated by Hide yo Yamamoto together with the characters designer Term Nisei and Ide Kurt the main screenwriter of this new anime. An adaptation that will take manga events to the letter and that will not be lost in other original plots.

Animus will also have its own anime

Returning to video games, the mythical saga animus of Cap com will also have its own anime, in this ce, through Netflix , a platform that continues to bet very strongly on the adaptation of animals bed In video games demonstrated by the recent premiere of Cyberpunk: Edge runners or the successful adaptation of Ctlemaine, among others.

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