The two chapters that changed the story of Dragon Ball Z (and there w not a fight)

There is a moment in Dragon Ball Z in which everything changes. Changes the tone, development of the plot and even the way to do things: Without a fight in between. We allow ourselves To License to speak through Dragon Ball Z Kai , the remtered version of the series, which took the entire filling ahead, provided pace to events and is surely the best way to revise Z today. With this little license we take, we point out that there are two episodes that are historical. And in what is not a single punch. They don’t need them. We talk about the days we met Cell.

Because in the android saga, we came from a beating from A18 to Veg eta, the revelation of trunks that some things were changing, the doubts that a Roku left us in bed and a piccolo that w going to look for God to merge with the. But everything changes 180 degrees in the episode 67 of Dragon Ball Z Kai ( 139 in Dragon Ball Z ): Burma receives a call because they have found a product of the abandoned capsule corporation. It is a time machine. But not Trunks.

At that time, our head began to suspect. The entire sequence of the chapter moves us to a plot of suspense and intrigue. Trunks will look at the ship and confirm that it is the one that his mother did in the future (the word hope is present), but after reviewing the data of it, he realizes that it is a machine that traveled at another time. ** Another timeline? to understand this of the temporary lines of little ones.

During Chapter 68 of Dragon Ball Z Kai (which covers the facts of 140 and 141 of Dragon Ball Z ), the plot advances while surprising the viewer. A strange shell discovered by Golan appears near the machine and is a kind of giant insect. Young warriors do not give credit to what they are thinking. Meanwhile, in the news, it looks like in Ginger Town people are inexplicably disappearing, leaving clothes on the ground, if they had evaporated. Everything w strange and incomprehensible.

That is when Kamikaze decides to merge with Piccolo, because he observes the terror that is happening and realizes that the bad feeling he had four years ago w not for the androids, but for an even worse bet that w about to be known. That already told us that something terrible wing. Once merged, Piccolo arrives in the ghost city.


An unknown monster appears. It is Cell.

A story that does not lower the rhythm in Kai

The plot of these two chapters (67 and 68) is perfectly recreated and with the exact pace in Dragon Ball Z Kai, where there is no filling and everything that happens is critical to advance in the development of the adventure. In Dragon Ball Z , the events that change the course of one of the best sag of the series are still present, but it is true that in chapter 139 the filling is too much of presence (with Roku nightmares), which The 140 is almost impeccable and that in 141, with the appearance of Cell, the drawn is erratic and very improvable. In any ce, whether in Z or Kai, it is a key moment for the series.

Dragon Ball Z Kai h never come to bend to Spanish despite the multiple requests that have been in this regard. Those who have been fortunate to see it whole h been in Catalonia, where DRAC ball fever led them to be folded all the series and broadct on TVC for several years with the same voices with which they grew up.

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