Rainbow Six: New Pampas dominates South 4 Day after defeating Malvinas Gaming

Day 4 within the South competition continues with a lot Subsequent, with four very interesting clashes we will see how things are accommodated.

Starting with the Salinas Gaming duel against New Pampas we see the operators starting with great force in a meeting that would be quite even since the first round with great efficiency that manages to have Costco to be able to send to the overtime where both teams They will play a very even duel, but Pampas would come out with the victory in this contest.

For the second duel Leviathan fights Taurus seeking to see who is the strongest predator of the seas, both squads do not want EMPLOY that they need to consolidate a victory that was complicated at certain times of the meeting.

In the third game Furious Gaming fights with Hawks, but the power of the skull is shown from the beginning of the fight to make the hawks fall, blkz9 takes control of things to give important casualties to FG that gives them the Power to mark several rounds in his favor, the game turns on a single side to leave things with a triumph of the Argentine team.

Closing the day we have May cam Evolve against New stars with very even duels at the beginning of the game, but the panda bears take a very good advantage of rounds that allows them to calm the situation with a nitro that hits all the shots he throws, now things are in their favor and little by little they get the triumph of the night.

The day four ends within the southern competition, with great duels that left the New Pampas team as the dominant of the table and that seeks to stay within this position for the following days, the competition continues the day Today to define how this week’s table looks, but things will be seen within this day.

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