How to get fast VC in NBA 2K23: Daily Prize, Mycareer and more

Welcome again, 2K fans! For those who have played this series before or any recent sports title, there is always the complicated issue of virtual currency (VC). And with it comes the constant struggle to acquire it. VC is used for many things in 2k. From some clothing and accessories to improvements for players, it is a crucial part of the game. So, How can players get fast VC in NBA 2K23? ? Well, that’s what we are here to answer.

Obtain fast VC in NBA 2K23


Ideally, you will not want to spend a lot of real money to get quick VC in NBA 2K23 . Therefore, it is likely to have to strive to get rewards. Fortunately, there are some different ways in which players can do this without having to look in their wallets. However, the point is that almost everyone is reduced to simply playing the game.

Log in and claim daily rewards is a way to start reducing that mountain of risk capital. Executing the online missions line, whether daily or weekly, is another form. Completing games in a higher difficulty is obvious with respect to winning greater rewards, is you are prepared for the challenge. Ah, and do not sleep with the 2K TV function on your game ph1. Participating in the program will also give you additional VC.

So, again, without spending money, these are some of the easiest ways to earn VC quite quickly: a combination of top points and some extras:

  • Daily rewards
  • Online missions
  • Complete games in higher difficulties
  • 2k TV (found on your phone in the game)
  • Locker codes
  • Through the NBA 2K mobile application
  • Daily pick-Em (during the NBA season)

Needless to say, players will have to play a lot. With the end of Gang VC rapid in NBA 2K23 . There is no way to avoid that. But at least, you should be able to find some ways to make the routine a bit more fun. However, until next time, be sure to consult more of our guides that cover the tastes of all VC prices and microtransactions, as well as all dribble movement requirements in the game.

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