Spy X Family Anya becomes a ping champion

It is nothing new to comment that at this time Spy X Family’s anime is having a break, since the next part of the first season will come shortly to Crunchyroll . And before things return to normal, the most remembered character of the work, Anya Forger, is having a new collaboration as a Ping-Pong star.


This news arises from the World Table Tennis Championship by equipment of 2022 , since the following event shared the update. The popular manga series is working to promote the event with the help of the voice actress Assume Tanzania, and Anya will appear in the tournament ads as if she were one more competitor.

According to the announcement of this collaboration, users in Japan can see the posters in the Tokyo subway. The tournament will also include special projects with Spy X Family when transmitted. It is scheduled to be held between September 30 and October 9, so it will coincide with the return of the anime in question.

It is a good way to remind people that the next part of the anime is on their way, and that better than with the world of sport, something that fans will surely find sympathetic. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the series will arrive at streaming platforms, with the option of seeing it subtitled in different languages of the world.

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