The impossible mod of Nier: Automata can already be played

A few weeks ago a team of Molders cheated all near fans: Automata , since they developed a church zone that was presumed as a discarded area of the game. And now, for all who wanted to try it, it is already a reality, since users of PC can access without any problem.

This was released by the user known as RetoSevege on the Twitter platform, this can already be acquired through the official page of Nexus mods . Site where you can find all kinds of alterations to the most famous games. This includes the multiple new costumes of Marvel’s Spider-Man , as well as Thomas The train instead of nemesis for Resident Evil 3 .

It is worth mentioning that it was thought that modifying Near: Automata was practically impossible, this until this mystery of the Church arose that kept users in the row of their seat for days. Of course, the disappointment came shortly after the Molders group revealed what happened, and in the end, some users enjoyed the interesting trip.

In news related to this game. Recently a new advance was revealed in relation to its Switch version that will arrive in October, it focuses neither more nor less than in the protagonist, 2b . If you want to take a look at all the information we have regarding the video, we invite you to visit the complete note in this official link.

Remember that the title is available in PS4, Xbox One and PC .

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