The masterpiece story is the latest graphic! Full remake version for PS5 THE LAST OF US PART I released

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released the download and package version of the full remake version of The Last of US for PS5.

This work is a full remake for PS5 of the masterpiece survival action game THE LAST OF US that was released as PS3 software in 2013 and won over 200 game awards worldwide. In addition to the main game for single play, it is said that her day’s day, Left Behind-Remaining thing- approaching Ellie and her best friend Riley’s life.

About The Last of US Part I

This work, which was created in the details by the PS5 engine using the latest technology of the development studio NauGhty Dog, is more realistic light production and air feeling, detailed details, and reconstructed. The play experience has evolved dramatically due to the synergistic effect of the more realistic landscape. While faithfully reproducing the original, it has achieved an unprecedented feeling of gaming, improving operability, expanding accessibility, improving effects, increasing realism, and battle. You can enjoy the masterpiece story of the past with the latest technology and more powerful images.

In addition, this work also fully supports the functions of the DualSense wireless controller, and the haptic feedback not only excites the battle to support all weapons, but also enjoys the feeling of light rain and the feeling of stepping on the snow. It blows life into the environment. In addition, the adaptive trigger is the protagonist Joel’s revolver and Ellie bow, creating a trigger resistance and reaction at the time of launch, enhancing the feeling of immersion in battle.


Furthermore, with the ultra-high-speed SSD of the PS5 body, the first reading can be completed instantly, and then you can play seamlessly. It is also possible to resume play instantly from the point where the story was interrupted or from a specific battle / chapter.

The Last of US Part I for PS5 is on sale at the PS Store with a downloaded standard edition/digital deluxe edition. The package version can be purchased at PlayStation dealers and various EC sites.

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