Final Fantasy 14: Inselparadies – Starter

In this guide to Final Fantasy XIV you can find out:

  • How you unlock the island paradise
    Which activities * await you
  • How you increase the island level

In Final Fantasy 14 you can now manage your own dream island. The island paradise attracts you with many different activities and serves as a relaxing retreat . In the guide you get an overview of the most important features and learn what requirements you have to meet.

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Switching in ## island paradise-that’s how it works

Before you can get access to your own private island, you must have completed the main scenario Endwalker (level 90). Once you have fulfilled the condition, you can accept the order Sun, Sand and Inselstrand at the Market Creeper of the Prosperity Manufaktur in Alt-Hharlayan (X: 11.9 | Y: 11.0) .

How to reach the island

The order leads you to the Moraby drying socks . Here you will find Baldin (X: 24.9 | Y: 34.8) , an experienced sailor who takes care of the crossing to the island. Each island can be left by teleport or ferry (X: 9.2 | Y: 28.3). After over 30 minutes of inactivity, you will be automatically thrown off the island. The island, moreover, does not have an ethereals, so you have to speak to Baldin every time you want to enter the island.

Visit the island of a friend

Baldin also brings you to the island of a friend or FG member, provided that the target character has set this. You can find the corresponding settings in the island guide. To do this, click on the little tooth wheels in the upper right corner. You can only look around on another island, you cannot start activities.

Develop the island


The island paradise can be designed, expanded and expanded according to your own wishes. The general island progress is linked to the so-called milestones. Milestones are special orders that you have to complete to unlock new activities. You can view the current Meilstenstein in the task list.

island and routine

In addition to the milestones, the island level determines which functions and buildings are available to you. To climb in the island level, you must have collected enough island routine. You get island routine by pursuing all sorts of tasks and activities : Catch animals, collect resources and build buildings, for example, provides you with island routine.

the different modes explained

The current mode determines which actions you can carry out. You can switch between the different modes via the island guide. Each mode lets you do a different job and determine which objects and goals you can interact. The more milestones you reach, the more modes are available to you.

In collecting mode, you can graze the island for resources, which you can find in the island bag. With the help of these resources you then produce in the pioneering plant items and tools. You need tools to open up new parts of the island. You need other items like fishing nets to win new animals for the pasture.

build new buildings

You can build a building on every free property on the island. Interacted with the lead table in front of the property to commission a new building. You can also click on the small house symbol in the island guide (Manage domicile) to manage your buildings.

As soon as you have decided on a building, a list of the required resources is displayed and explains how long the construction project takes. When the puppets have completed the construction, you have to interact again with the lead table to inaugurate the new building.

Lay, convert & expand buildings

If you are dissatisfied with the building location, you can lay the building to another location at any time. Interacts with the leading board and select lay buildings . If you choose a property on which something is already built, the buildings exchange the space.

You can convert buildings to improve it to a higher level . Available extensions are gradually activated by a higher island level. Select the leading board to display possible conversions and the required resources.

order fields and harvest seeds

On fields you can sow seeds to grow fruit and vegetables . You can find seeds as a resource to collect on the island. Then go to the field and change to the Sow mode. Now select the seeds and interact with the arrows on the field.

Plants naturally need water, so you should always make sure to water your fields regularly. Switch to the Gießen mode to supply the plants. There are a total of four wet levels : dry, moist, wet and soaked. The wet level decreases over time. Dry plants cannot grow.

Ripe seeds you harvest in the Collect mode. Harried beds are automatically prepared for a new sowing. There are four growth stages that have to go through your plants until you can harvest them. You can find out the current stages of growth at Feldolin.

pasture, animals and bait

There are many different animals on your lonely island. You can capture all wild animals and suspend it on your pasture. To catch a wild animal, you have to switch to the catch mode. Choose the suitable trap or the right bait. The size of an animal specifies which fishing tool you need. You can even give caught animals nicknames if you want.

feeds the animals and keep them happy

If you regularly feed the animals in the pasture and make sure that they are all around, reward you with rare items (drop). To feed animals, you need the right type of feed: there is island-Fruit food, island vegetable food and high-quality island vegetable food. The food produces you in the pioneer.

Switch to the feed mode to supply the animals. The hunger of pasture animals can be divided into four stages: full, full, full, hungry and starved. The higher the hunger, the worse the animal’s mood. A good mood ensures a better drop.

the island studio explains

You can process the materials that you collect in the island paradise in the studio into sales goods. The goods are made throughout the day and then shipped. You get Blue Cieldaläen-Kauris for the sale of unique island goods.

create a studio plan

Before your studio can produce sales goods, you have to create a so-called studio plan. Speak to this to BauDich, which you can find near the beach hut. The work plan of the island studio is divided into layers and seasons . A layer comprises 24 hours, one season comprises seven days. Note: Your workers need two rest every week **, on which nothing is produced.

Click on the Plus symbol to order a production. The production takes some time. If everything runs according to plan and the island goods are successfully shipped, you can pick up your reward from Bauderich.

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