Lol – From the competitive prison: the most unfortunate owner who became the enemy of America

Organizations in the second competitive step are not precisely stable institutions. If we look at the teams that participated in the Super League of League of Legends A few editions ago, we will realize that half have disappeared without leaving any trace. To give an example, of the eight clubs present in the spring season of 2016, five have ceased to exist forever. In this sense and passing the global perspective, it is not difficult to find clubs that leave overnight. There have been defaults, illegalities and especially large amounts of irresponsibility.

However, in this cemetery of organizations there is a tombstone bathed in gold and embedded with diamonds whose epitaph says The most hated man in America . Of course, we have abandoned national latitudes to go to the United States and review one of the most despicable stories that one day we had the bad luck that it crossed with the League of Legends competition. The adventure of an unscrupulous rich man who left aside the organization he had founded for a reason for a major cause: he had to serve a sentence of seven years in prison.

Martin Cerebral Shkreli The Wolf of Wall Street in the pharmaceutical business

Martin Shkreli was considered an immature genius by journalists. The epitome of a man made to himself who came from a family of immigrants was founded companies when he could barely buy alcohol. At 21 (2004) he founded his first investment funds. A challenge of companies that failed in a loud way taking ahead the savings of thousands of people who did not understand that in this game they always win. Because everyone may have lost, but he and his partners began to accumulate zeros to the right in his bank account.

The truth is that Martin working did not know very well and he preferred to dedicate great portions of his time to leisure. When he barely turned 26 (2009), League of Legends was thrown. Like so many of us, he fell in love with the Riot Games video game and also did it from the two incipient phenomena that accompanied the Riot Games video game. The end of last decade marks the first boom in the creation of content and also the beginning of the Moba competitions. So you can link the dates to events, Willyrex uploaded his first video to YouTube in September 2010 and the first Worlds took place in June 2011.

Having time and money, it is not surprising that Martin wanted to enter both worlds. He opened his own channel making lively broadcasts in a very common way or commenting on any topic that occurred to him and founded his own eSports club . The first steps of the organization were not too prominent, but after a few changes and associations the thing changed. The team became baptized as Team imagine and had a great investment to compete to reach the elite at an era where sports merit still imported.

The birth of Pharma Bro, the most hated man in America

Team’s passage imagine for League of Legends competitive was short, but touched success. According to the records, its history is summarized in a total of 15 items in the Second Division of North America that were enough to win the right to fight for a place in the LCS for the 2016 Spring Spring Spring Spring Split . Unfortunately, the club could not win the best of five decisive. However, he aimed to have quite potential with a combined that included reputed players such as Steelback , who had just left Fnatic; Mancloud , newcomer to play the aforementioned LCS or Moon , who later made a career in the North American competition.

However, the time is over. Although there seemed to be unlimited funds and the organization had an insured square in the Second Division to try to resume the objective of the ascent, Team Imagine disappeared. The sudden abandonment was seen coming from afar and since the aforementioned phase of promotion to the LCS ended until the next one began, Martin Shkreli became the most repudiated human being in America. Public enemy number one that nobody wanted to have near. Until then he had just lost money to people, but now his attitude was about to cost thousands of people .

So far we have several key data on Martin life. He was very intelligent, he didn’t like working and was short of scruples. Thus, its business plan for the new pharmaceutical company that had founded was simple, and we went to a Wikipedia appointment: Obtain medicine licenses not submitted to patent and reassess its price to achieve extraordinary profits (…) The out-of-patent medication market was small and obtaining very expensive regulations, the company estimated that it could get the monopoly of the distribution in medications on which there was no competition and set very high prices.

Going forward with this plan, Martin Shkreli’s company took a drug called Deraprim , used to treat toxoplasmosis and malaria. Very important for anyone with these diseases, but especially in patients with HIV. The purchase of the license took place in exchange for 55 million and each pill was sold to $ 13.50. A price that, after the commercial movement, increased to about 740 euros per pill. The total increase was higher than 5000%. This was something that even in the United States could be forgiven and that could directly cause the death of people or their bankruptcy entry.

A story that has no happy ending

Martin Shkreli, already renamed the United States press as Pharma Bro, became one of the most despicable people in the country’s history. It was adding judicial causes that ended the sentenced to seven years in prison and for which their businesses were defined as a Ponzi scheme in which each new company was used to pay the scams who had lost money with the previous 1. In addition, as his strategy consisted of restricting competition in the medications on which he had control, he also lost a lawsuit for skipping the antitrust laws . In this there was no criminal conviction, but a fine of 66 million and temporary disqualification to work in the pharmaceutical industry.

Currently, the medicine in question follows at the same price that Martin established. Although it is crucial and was defined as lifeguard, a blister with 30 pills is sold in the United States at an approximate price of $ 21,000. One more condemnation for a country whose life expectancy in 2019 (before pandemic) was 78.9 years. Unfortunate statistics if we take into account that it is one of the nations with the most wealth in the world and exceed its neighbors. In Canada people lived an average of 82.05 years and in Cuba, with their economic limitations, 78.8. To some extent, the situation is caused by people like Shkreli, who have no problems in to market with the health of their compatriots .

Photography: CNN

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