FIFA 22 is so realistic that even the referee invented a penalty after a pool of Neymar Jr

EA Sports has always tried to seek realism with its FIFA saga. He does not always get it, but it is the way to give us the best virtual football. It is better to do it with the setting and with what the realism of the faces of the players, the equipment or the stadiums provides. But sometimes, it surprises us.

There are soccer players that are characterized by certain aspects. Like Gareth Bale for how well he plays golf. Neymar is one of those who is in the spotlight for his pool . They go so well that they always whistle them and neither the Var enters into play to protest them.

We also see that well in this match of Fut Champions , where without anyone around, the Brazilian footballer falls to the ground and incomprehensibly, the collegiate indicates a penalty.

It is incomprehensible as FIFA can have a failure of this caliber. Neymar practically did not have any footballer around him and simply fell to the ground. Something that seemed sufficient to the referee to whistle the punishment from 11 meters. And surely something that would not sit well with the user who had to receive this punishment against no reason. But well, it is something that also happens in the real world, especially with the most modest teams as victims.

Hopefully this does not happen in the new installment, which will arrive in less than a month. The release date of FIFA 23 is September 30, with early access of three days if you get the ultimate edition or subscribers of EA Play.

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