How to become better in Apex Legends

In APEX Legends, players can choose between a number of characters with various abilities to participate in each match. While the battle rotates around the shootout, there are several other mechanics and aspects that players should remember. To become better in this royal battle, you need to practice as much as possible and try to find comrades in the detachment with which you can unite. Death in Apex Legends is inevitable and necessary for a better understanding of the game. If you plan to improve in Apex Legends, we recommend that you record your gameplay and view it later. Viewing their gameplay allows players to recognize, analyze and correct their mistakes. We have compiled a list of tips and techniques that will help players become better in regular practice. This is what players need to know to become better in APEX Legends.


The best tips and recommendations to become better in Apex Legends

Apex Legends has something more than just a shootout and tactics of the royal battle. The game has a unique movement system that players should familiarize themselves with before you blindly go into battle. In the same way, APEX Legends is a team tactical royal battle, where the key is effective communication between teammates. Here are some tips and techniques that players should remember when playing APEX Legends.

Understanding the abilities and roles of the legend

If you are a new player, the first thing you need to do is understand the abilities and roles of each legend in the game. For example, there are four main classes: an offensive, defense, intelligence and support. Legends are classified accordingly and have abilities that are very different from each other. While offensive legends play a decisive role in penetrating the enemy’s location and joining battle, reconnaissance characters are necessary to search for these enemies. In the same way, Defensive Legends are experts in blocking the territory, while support characters support the team to survive in battle.

To break into the location of the enemy by Gibraltar or Kaustik is not the best idea. In the same way, to restrain themselves and allow their teammates to join the battle with opponents, playing Octane, Wraith, Horizon or other offensave Legends is also not perfect. It is extremely important to choose a balanced composition on the screen of the legend. You will not be able to choose your favorite characters every time, so it is better to learn a few legends. Understand what your team needs, and make decisions together, combining the legendary abilities. Communication is a key moment in the game Royal Battle, and it is in this that most players, as a rule, fail.


Although it is not necessary to keep the microphone open, effective communication helps teams work better in APEX Legends. Even if you cannot speak, use the Ping game system to inform your teammates about enemy. You can also introduce and use intra-game chat to communicate with teammates. After the battle, it is perfectly quickly changing Evo Shields from enemy drawers to be prepared for a third-party situation. The best practices include a note of prey for teammates and using a ping system to highlight the approaching enemies and rotation options.

A simple example includes the search for the enemy and shooting at him al1. The best you can do is break them Evo Shield or get a knockdown. However, communication with teammates immediately after the discovery of the enemy greatly simplifies the battle. For example, inform your teammates immediately after the enemy is discovered, use a short countdown and shoot at the enemy together. This is not only faster knocking off opponents, but also gives the enemy less time to prepare for an approaching jerk.

possession of mechanics

The unique movement mechanics in the Apex Legends are intended for high-octane battles, and it is extremely important that the players understand its importance. Knowing how to perform certain tricks with movement, such as jumping from a rabbit, a rebound from the wall and hitting the cranes, allows players to deceive opponents with their skills. These tricks are more difficult to master, and they require practicing players at the training training ground. However, you will notice a striking difference after applying these methods in combat scenarios.

The rebounds from the walls and the strokes on touches allow the players to instantly change the direction of their legend. This will force the opponents to change the position of the sight, and those who have bad tracking skills will not be able to shoot at your character. The use of these motions makes players elusive and difficult to shoot. The implementation of these tricks with a movement in real combat situations may be difficult, and we recommend that the players fulfill them without fear of death. A quick strap or a rebound from the wall right before swinging and pushing enemies, often is of great importance in battle.

Selection of weapons

The choice of weapons is crucial in the first-person shooter, and the main skill is the control of the return of the weapon. Having learned to control the return, you will not only deliver more blows to the enemy, but also get an advantage in shootings. Weapons such as R-301, VK-47 Flatline, Volt and Car SMG have a stable return, which makes them the easiest to manage APEX Legends. Alternate shooting from the hip and ADS depending on the range. You can also quickly aim before shooting from your hip to be more accurate at close range. District management allows players to shoot opponents from a full store, without missing too many shots.

In the same way, simple techniques, such as changing the weapon instead of reloading, are of great importance in the middle of the battle. The development of a single fire weapon, such as Wingman, 30-30 Repeater, Peacekeeper and Snipers, takes time, as it requires accurate aiming skills. Most abilities in APEX Legends have a unique trajectory, and you need to practice monitoring opponents using the proper movement of the sight. For example, Gravity Lift sends the character up to Horizon, and here the abstaining of vertical aiming enters the game. Players need to study various models of trajectories for different legends and their ability to exactly shoot them.

Positioning and Knowledge of the map

The positioning and knowledge of the card in the APEX Legends are crucial for winning games in the Royal Battle mode. Kings-canon, Olympus, the end of the world and the storm point-four cards that players can explore in APEX Legends. You need to investigate and have an idea of all areas on specific maps in order to always stay a step in front of the z1. Knowing where it should be alternated, guarantees that players will take a high place at the end of the game. Visit all the POI and carefully check all areas in public matches. The study of the map ultimately leads to the detection of various points of view and rat spots in these places.

For rating matches, players are strongly recommended to choose a suitable team with at least one scout legend. This will allow your team to scan viewing beacons that find the upcoming z1. Knowledge of the map effectively allows the teams to break the camp on the edge of the zone and destroy opponents trying to get inside the circle. You do not want to be found outside the zone for too long, as it spends resources and limits the possibilities of the command of the team. Proper rotation and positioning will give your team the opportunity to choose effective battles and third-party opponents.

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