How to allow others to visit your island refuge in Final Fantasy XIV

In Final Fantasy XIV, one of the wonderful things that you can do with your island refuge is to invite other players to enjoy your peaceful island for yourself. This can be done with Free Company participants, with those who are on your list of friends, or even with those who are simply with you at the party. Here’s how to allow others to visit your island asylum in Final Fantasy XIV.

Provision of permission to join your island refuge in FFXIV

The settings of permits for the island sanctuary are in settings of the sanctuary belonging Ailkiper index. Just click on a small gear to open the menu, and select one of Friends , Free member of the company and also Party members allow to their island.

What prerequisites are there to visit strangers?

In fact, there are very few restrictions on what players should do to visit your island. The player should be 50 level and completed quest of the main script Absolute Weapon. This is the last quest a realm reborn.

Then they will be able to visit your island by talking with Baldin in Lower La Nosaa (x: 24.9 y: 34.8). When choosing an appointment point, a luminous icon will indicate which islands you can visit. Up to 16 players can simultaneously visit the island shelter. Enjoy the study of the islands of your friends together!

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