Under the Waves, a journey at the bottom of the seas

The parallel in between the midsts of the oceans as well as the memories of the lead character will accompany you throughout the journey. So much to ensure that confronted with the reappearance of a few of its most hidden memories, Stan will certainly have to pick between resurfaced or obtain shed in the depths. In the literal sense as in the figurative sense.


Taking advantage of the Opening Night Live, Parrallel Studio and Quantic Desire have actually introduced their brand-new journey video game,under the Waves _. Connected With Surfrider Structure Europe, their need is to advertise, through the video game, an environmental and also ocean security message. Arranged for the 2023 existing, the title will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

In the skin of the professional diver at the service of an oil exploration business, you will certainly need to check out caves and accidents, as well as to uncover the life that swarms there. Aboard your little submersible, you will certainly indeed have the opportunity to cross many fish of fish, sea turtles or also some stunning whales.

This solo narrative experience will certainly take you right into the void of the North Sea. This is where you will certainly discover, separated in the depths, a male overwhelmed by grieving called Stan. With its touching history as well as full of poetry, the game welcomes not just to dive body as well as soul in the depths of the oceans, however additionally in the human mind.


Features of Under the Waves

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