How to get the Felicious Fuzzball Minion in Final Fantasy XIV

In the Patche of 6.2 Final Fantasy XIV, many new minions were added, including a successful fluff. A miniature version (although not much smaller than the real) of one of the quests in the island sanctuary, the Felicius of Flisius Pushi-this is a tiny mother in a pretty hat. Here’s how to get the Felicious Fuzzball Minion in Final Fantasy XIV for yourself.


Buy Felicious Fuzzball Minion in FFXIV

Felicious Fuzzball is purchased for 4000 sea kauri inthe island sanctuary. * Sea Kauri-one of two new currencies earned in the island reserve added in the update 6.2. For only 4000 Seapare’s Cowries Felicious Fuzzball, one of the cheapest rewards you can get and you will definitely add it to your collection as soon as possible!

In Seaparer’s Cowries, you can get a variety of objects and objects of collecting. These include such demanded maunts and minions from the island sanctuary. Therefore, be sure to look at the NPC Island Sanctuary trading to see a huge variety of awards.

heading for the island sanctuity in FFXIV

You can start your journey through the island sanctuary yourself, stupid herald (x: 11.9, y: 11.0) in the old Charles . Check out our full guidance on unlocking Island Sanctury to obtain more detailed information.

Additional information and the Fantasy XIV guide and guide in the section How to get a means of transportation by Mandragor’s island in Final Fantasy XIV in professional games.

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