Line Games, Grand Opening

-Mobile (AOS · iOS) and PC (Floor) Multi-Platform Support


** -‘Trade’, ‘Adventure’, ‘Battle’ Unreal Engine 4 Graphics

-Instead of providing a variety of rewards such as the official opening commemorative item ‘Cloak of the prepared Admiral’ and ‘Golden Ship’

Line Games announced today that it has launched a full service of the new open world MMORPG .

The Age Age Origin is a title to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Era Sea Series, jointly developed by Motif and Koe Tech Mo Games, and is based on the Era of Era 2 and the Era of the Era.

In order to provide the best play experience while maintaining the impression of the original work, it is a high-quality graphic based on Unreal Engine 4 to reproduce major ports and ships in the 16th century. In addition, it is possible to feel that it is operating a fleet from the actual sea by building wind directions, wind speeds and birds based on big data collected from all over the world.

The Age Age Origin can be played through mobile (AOS, iOS) and Line Games Floor (AOS) and Line Games Floor (AOS) and Line Games Floor (AOS) and Line Games Floor (AOS) and Line Games Floor (AOS) and the multi-platform and crossplay function. In particular, if you play on your PC, you can experience high resolution play in 4K quality depending on the specifications.

The Age Age Origin will hold a variety of events to celebrate the Grand Open. First of all, all users who connect to the Age of the Age of Sea will include 10 kinds of golden ships and 10 sailing tools, as well as limited items. In addition, if you log in to the game every day through a hot time event, you can receive in-game goods such as ‘Ducart’ and ‘Blue Gem’.

In addition, if you perform a mission through the launching ‘Beginner Mission’ event, a variety of items will be provided with Blue Gem up to 350 gems. You can earn compensation.

For more information on the game information and events, you can check the brand page , official community and Official YouTube .

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