How to get Patrick Mahomes in Fortnite

The Icon series is home to many different celebrities, athletes and serpentines. They allow you to embody some of your favorite people who provide different levels of entertainment to the world, so this new incorporation makes sense. We tell you everything about How to get the Patrick Mahomes suit in Fortnite.

Get the Patrick Mahomes suit

There are two known ways to get the Patrick Mahomes outfit, as well as the Gladiator Mindset and Gameday Gladiator styles.

Patrick Mahomes Cup

Image source: epic games

On August 23, a Zero Build Squads tournament will be held that will give the participating players the opportunity to win both the Patrick Mohamcs attire and the Gridiaton Gladiator Back Blow. The players will be somewhat limited since competitors can play up to ten games within the time window of approximately three hours of their region. In these 10 games, players must add as many points as possible. Getting at least one point will make you win the secret sauce emoticon.

The distribution of points is as follows:

Real Victoria: 30 points
2nd: 24 points
3rd: 21 points
4th: 19 points
5th: 17 points
6th: 15 points
7th: 14 points

8th: 13 points
9th: 12 points
10th: 11 points
11: 10 points
12: 9 points
13: 8 points
14: 7 points
15: 6 points
16: 5 points
17: 4 points
18: 3 points
19: 2 points
20: 1 point
Each elimination: 1 point

Object Store

The Patrick Mahomes set/package will arrive at the articles store on August 2. 24 in the usual schedule of 8 pm and reboot time.

The main package will include:

Gladiator Backpack Accessory Gidaron *
Pico Axhas Snap
Endzone elite wrapping
* Showtime Emoticon

In addition, there will be another attire of Patrick Mahomes called Mahomes Saucy Style Outfit that will be launched in the articles store at the same time. Includes The Good Stuff Back Bling.

That is all you need to know ** How to get the Patrick Mahomes suit in Fortnite.

Outstanding image source: epic games

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