How to get a fuel Mount in Final Fantasy XIV

With the release of a patch 6.2 for the Final Fantasy XIV, dozens of new sled animals and minions were added to the game. One of them is the impressive mountain of Fülgya, a giant red dragon. Here’s how to get this majestic dragon in Final Fantasy XIV.

Unlock Mount Fulgya in FFXIV

The whistle of the Fyulgya, which opens the sled animal of the Fyulgya, is a reward for promotion in the series Conflict of Crystals 2. As soon as you get the 25th level, you will receive an item that allows you to unlock Fülgue for yourself. This will require quite a lot of Crystalline Conflict games, but progress is continuous, and you can easily move forward if you continue in the same spirit, playing rating and nervous games.

About Fülgier in Final Fantasy XIV

Fyulgya is a member of the Ratatosk brood and a dragon who loves humanity. In the magazine description of this Mount, it is noted that Fyulgya traveled around the world in search of mortals worthy of perpetuation in the song. During her travels, she will meet the soul, which most clearly shone in battle (strongly hinting that it was a warrior of light). She was so touched by the selfless valor of the hero that she decided to become his follower.

Although this dragon looks more traditional, it is actually amazing how few dragons in FFXIV. So this is fantasy to get one more to add to our collection!

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