FFXIV: How to get to Island Sanctuary

Island Sanctuary is one of the most anticipated additions of Final Fantasy XIV. I mean, it is agriculture. Everyone loves agriculture. So here it is How can you get to your own Island Sanctuary in FFXIV .


As the name implies, this is an instantaneous area that can mold as better. You can collect resources and materials, cultivate, build several structures and even produce goods and sell them by rewards. As if this giant MMO need even deeper secondary activities to enter.

How to get to Isand Sanctuary in FFXIV

First, Island Sanctuary is only available for players who have bought Endwalker expansion. In addition to that, even if you have Endwalker, you will also need to see the story until its completion and overcome the final expansion MSQ, entitled Endwalker.

Once you have done this and accumulated the credits, go to Old Sharlayan and talk to the Clueless Crier NPC located in X: 11.9, and: 11. This will begin a new search entitled Looking for sanctuary and you will be guided in a new trip to Your sanctuary island and you will begin things there.

After completing this brief mission, you can access your Island Sanctuary talking to Baldin in Lower Nosce, in the X: 24.9 coordinates, Y: 34.8.

And that’s it. Then you can travel back and forth between the continent and your sanctuary talking to Baldin. With everything there is to do in Sanctuary, we definitely recommend visiting it again from time to time, among its daily routine.

That is all you need to know about How to get to Island Sanctuary in FFXIV . Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more tips and information about the game.

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