Final Fantasy 16: Cook

The introduction of a reliable real-time combat system has already caught several old fans at Final Fantasy 15 Sauer, also in the repair, the designers do not desire to go back to a round-based and command-based combat system. In an interview with the Japanese site Comic Days, Yoshi P executed why this holds true.

Naoki Yoshida, on the executive chair in the advancement of Final Fantasy 16, leads reasons that a round-based, slow combat system makes no feeling in his eyes.

Yoshida-San is not just responsible for the remarkable resurrection of Final Fantasy 14: A World Reborn, however was additionally recalled by his employer, Square Enix, to lead the reins in the advancement of the new Final Fantasy 16.

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He claims: The mainstream video games are currently instinctive games where they press a button and also the personality shoots a weapon or swings a sword, and the conventional RPG design of round-based command fights is no much longer acquainted. That is why the fights in Final Fantasy 16 are very action-based. We want to make people around the world think that the final Fantasy will be an excellent game.


According to Noaki Yoshida, it is practically impossible to please all players equally. Additionally, he thinks that particularly younger gamers with an command-based combat system can no more do anything.

Final Fantasy 16 appears each time that has actually not yet been confirmed in more information 2023 for the PlayStation 5 and also need to also be readily available for the PC later on.

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