How to start the quests Great Efforts of Tatar version 6.2 in Final Fantasy XIV

The Grand Endeavour Tataru line first began in the 6.1 final Fantasy patches and showed that after the Endwalker events, the local assistant to the descendants of the seventh dawn, begins to a new direction of work. In particular, sewing and the manufacture of equipment. In the first set of missions, you helped to establish connections in Ulde. So how do you start fulfilling the quests Great Efforts of Tatar version 6.2 in Final Fantasy XIV?

The beginning of quests 6.2 Tatar Great Efforts

First of all, you need to fulfill all the main plot quests up to the release of Patch 6.2. This means all currently available main plot quests, including new ones added in patch. Next, return to Old Charlaan (X: 11.8 Y: 9.8) and talk to Mehjina, One of the assistants to the Tatar to start the line of quests.

We know that at present there are at least two quests in this line of quests. But judging by the previous ones, these will be quite long quests that will require you to communicate with characters throughout Eorza.


awards for quests Tatar Grand Endeavour

At the moment, awards for quests of the great desire are unknown to Tatar. It is assumed that after the completion of the entire quest chain, we will get some kind of improved armor or glamorous equipment. However, the exact details are still unknown.

What we know for sure is that the execution of this quest will help to continue the expansion of the endless code of the player, the intra-game encyclopedia of knowledge and information.

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