Pioneer of curse and crying! Amazing masterpiece game Return that pioneered the Taiwanese horror boom

The first horror movie in Taiwan has been hitting one after another, and Japanese horror fans are being completely captivated. In such a Taiwanese horror boom , it is Return-Detention- . It was one of the pioneers of a series of booms.


Until Taiwanese horror breaks

On July 8, Horror Movie Curse by Kevin Ko will be released on Netflix. The work was the most terrifying work in Taiwan’s history, and was accepted with great shocks on Japanese SNS.

In addition, zombie panic movies The Sadness , which has been released on the theater on July 1, is also popular in word of mouth. There is no doubt that horror from Taiwan is attracting attention among movies and horror fans.

As a pioneer in these works, in 2019, a horror movie called The day when the returned language disappeared was also a hot topic. The original of the movie was the game Return-Detention- released in 2017 by Taiwanese developer Red Candle Games ( Red Candar Yu-Gi ).

Legendary horror game based on real incidents **

Return-Detention- is set in Taiwan in the 1960s. At that time, it was an era when the Chinese Nationalist powered politics was being carried out, and there was a politically nervous air during the work.

Under such a system, the protagonist’s girl, Fan Racin (Ray) , is clearly strange and trapped in a different school. While ghosts and hell messengers are searching for schools, players understand that the school is closely intertwined with Ray’s inner surface.

In-game graphics and settings are characterized by reflecting Taiwanese culture, customs, and religious views. You can immerse yourself in the unique worldview that leads to THE SADNESS and Curse. You can get a completely different experience from playing a domestic horror game.

In addition to the high degree of perfection as a horror, you should be able to feel the history of Taiwan dynamically by proceeding with the work. It is highly evaluated among gamers, and Steam has won overwhelmingly popular in about 9,000 reviews.

Return-Detention- has been released not only on PCs but also on PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS/Android, etc. If you are fascinated by Taiwanese horror, why not play this opportunity?

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