Final Fantasy: New trailer for update 6.2 shows the Pet Crossing

Final Fantasy XIV has actually gotten a brand-new trailer for the upcoming upgrade 6.2, which presents the new content. The island paradise that several players have actually been awaiting has actually been awaiting for many months.

This includes 6.2: The huge updates from FFXIV are constantly loaded with new content as well as also the spot 6.2, under the name Burried Memories, is no exception. In enhancement to the normal continuation of the major story of the MMORPG, the followers anticipate the following content:

  • The island paradise (appears with 6.25)- a private island where you can construct structures, grow veggies and also catch monsters.
  • The 8-man raid pandaemonium Abyssos in problems regular and also epic-it is the 2nd component of the raid as well as brings 4 brand-new boss battles from which the gamers get the brand-new strongest gear and tools
  • New dungeon The Black Court of Toia

  • Special Alternative Dungeons in several difficulties-players will be able to establish their route via the dungeon. The tale will certainly alter depending upon the route and you require a number of efforts to experience them all.
  • A brand-new examination, which is still secret, in problems typical as well as extreme-as a reward, new tools, a place and also crafting things are expected to be incentive.
  • Revision of old content to make them more modern-fights such as the fate path or the battle versus King Mogul Mog must become more straightforward.
  • New Relic weapons that can be continually boosted. These are linked to the insane enjoyable pursuits of the criminologist Hildibrand as well as you need to do the previous missions of the series to unlock them.
  • Quests for the Omicron tribe
  • New weapons, armor, cosmetic things, etc.

How did you like the trailer? Are you eagerly anticipating specific content or is the upgrade rather cool? Create it to us in the comments.

The content will certainly not all appear at the very same time, yet slowly, spread over a number of updates. Patch 6.2, for instance, will certainly be launched on August 23, yet the island paradise only adheres to in 6.25 a couple of weeks later on.

The MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV should have a really, really good community-is that actually real?

Final Fantasy XIV has gotten a new trailer for the upcoming upgrade 6.2, which provides the brand-new content. The island paradise that many players have actually been waiting for has actually been waiting for many months.

Are you looking ahead to certain content or is the upgrade instead cold?

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