How to play Tower of Fantasy with friends

Tower of Fantasy is the most recent free MMORPG that is conquering the game scene. With such a great emphasis on a shared world, what better way to explore Aida than with a group of friends? This is what you need to know about how to play the tower of fantasy with friends .

How to play Tower of Fantasy with Friends-Answer

In order to access the cooperative mode, you must first complete the prologue of the game. When completing the prologue, an element will be granted and the ability to see other players in the world of the game.

Now, to play with friends, you must make sure they are on your friends list. Click on a player and a lot of options will be given, one of them is to add friend. Once a friendship request has been accepted, go to the game menu and you can invite a friend to your team. After this friend or friends have joined, click go and the cooperative session will begin.

Keep in mind that the Tower of Fantasy history component can only be played al1. If you are in a team and try to start a history mission, the party will dissolve.

That is all you need to know about how to play the tower of fantasy with friends . Next, you will find many guides and relevant information to help you start your trip on Tower of Fantasy, for example, how to take a screenshot from your group of friends, how to verify the status of the Tower of Fantasy server or everyone’s locations The buseum towers.

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