An average monthly employee increased by 5%, selecting Enpixel Koreas Best Enterprise

Enpixel was selected as the ‘2022 Korea Job Company’ hosted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

The leading company in Korea is a system that encourages and supports companies that have created high-quality jobs, and Enpixel has been recognized for increasing employment and creating open recruitment opportunities.


The number of employees of the company was about 530, which increased the average monthly increase since its establishment, increasing the personnel according to the business diversification, and expanding the office to the Seoul Yeoksam-dong Center field in February.

At the same time, the company is expanding the opportunities for employment vulnerable groups and young people, such as the founding and operation of the disabled athletes, the recruitment of skill-based blinds, and the linkage of human resources through industry-academia cooperation.

Park Se-heon, general manager of management, said, We are seeking to expand employment according to the full-scale business diversification.

Meanwhile, Enpixel is a game developer established in September 2017 and won the Minister of Award, the 21st Job Creation Merit Award, through active job creation in the employment recession due to Corona 19 in December last year.

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