How to find a folder with screenshots in FFXIV

Screenshots and Gposing (group posing) in Final Fantasy XIV-a very worked out system. You can easily make incredible cinematic screenshots with just a few clicks of a mouse or controller. But then where are the screenshots go? Do not be afraid, because we described in detail how to find your screenshots both in Steam and in the usual version of the game.

How to find a folder with Final Fantasy XIV screenshots on Steam

To take a screenshot in the Steam version of the game, you need to use F12 key. The screen printing key will display the message Famuline Error in the chat window, and you will not take a picture of the screen.

After you took a picture of the screen when you close the FFXIV, your screen picture will be displayed on the game page in your Steam library. To go to the folder with shots of the screen, click the image to enlarge it, and then Click with the right mouse button on the image and select go to the screenshot . You will get into the screenshots folder.

If you want to find this folder without taking a new screen of the screen, go to the conductor and go to steam folder. Select the folder User data Then 40036624 Then 760 Then Remote then 39120 and finally screenshots . This is obviously a little labyrinth, so sometimes it’s better to just take a new screen of the screen and use the method described above!

Search for FFXIV screenshots folder in versions other than Steam

In the non-resistance versions of the game the screen of the screen of the screen is functional to remove screenshots. This will accept and save any pictures that you want to save. Screenshots are then preserved in your Documents folder in all versions of Windows. The default path Documents of the gameFFXIVSKITS . Enjoy your posing!


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