[Planning] Tarkov is a scary super coward shelter, Stalker Anomali

If you’re a gamer who enjoys FPS, you’d have heard about the Battle State Games and ‘Escape Prom Tarkov’, which is being serviced in early access. It’s a game that gets a lot of attention from some gamers by picking up and dealing with each other if you enter Tarkov, a blocked area, and you will lose everything you have when you die in the process.

In addition, Tarkov has a lot of realistic factors, such as the use of other treatment items for each of the wounded parts, or the need for periodic filling of hunger and thirst. In particular, unlike any FPS, even if you want to use a firearm, you have to pay attention to the bullet.

Tarkov’s system, which has been realistic and detailed, has been appealed to many FPS gamers and military enthusiasts, but the unique hardcore gameplay plays a role of entry barriers that many cannot reach out.. If you step into Tarcof to experience a real system that puts bullets in a magazine, it will happen more quickly, if others put bullets in my head.

However, a single play game has recently been spotlighted in various communities, including YouTube. Based on the FPS stalker of GSC Game World, it is ‘Stalker Anomali’, a mode completed by several users. The fact that you can experience the system of ‘Tarcof’ without multiplayer is a word of mouth among some gamers.

What is ‘Anomali’ and what is ‘EFP’?

Stalker Anomali (Anomali) is one of the many modes (MODs) made by a community who loves stalkers for a long time. It also has the characteristics that the fans of the original have significantly reinforced stability and customization so that they can enjoy the right experience.

Annomali’s overall story depicts the story of Call of Freepiyat, the last of the original series. It’s not an official story because it’s a fan-made game, but it’s fun to play and imagine how the whereabouts of the originals in the original. However, Anomali is a game with a higher weight in the sandbox style than the main quest, and it is possible to play the game as you want to survive in the zone after setting your own origin and holding equipment.

Like the stalker modes that have been developing in the past, Anomali also allows you to freely explore most of the regions shown in the original series. From the first beginner village (Rookie Village) to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant that monolith is dominated by Monoris, and the city next to it, the player crosses several maps, fights for survival, and distributes materials for survival. I survive every day.

It is also one of the features of Anomali to support various setting elements that maximize the user’s convenience. This is because it provides a vast function rather than a variety of accessibility options that are popular in the game industry. Annomali offers various play modes, including iron mode where all save files are erased when they die, and mode where zombies are overwhelmed by every time. can.

What else is EFP? Abbreviated with Escape Prompe Freepyyat, this mode can be installed in stalker Anomali. It’s easy to understand that it’s easy to understand the gameplay style of online FPS games, Escape Prom Tarkov, which is known to be hardcore.

If you explain more about the difference between the general Anomali and the EFP, the fact that some systems inspired by Tarkov are applied to increase the more difficulty and delay in various behaviors. For example, when you wear a dress or a bag, you can’t see it, but you can constrain behavior while changing your clothes, or add more bullets, and you have to put bullets in the magazine..

In addition, there is a slight difference in the process of creating the first character. In the case of a typical Anomali, there are relatively plenty of points that can choose the equipment when creating a character, while the EFP mode is limited to 16 points. You can start by choosing as much as 16 points among the equipment that is assigned to each point. Like Tarkov.

Escape from Pripyat

Stalker Anomali EFP, the actual Tarkov, and the difference, and the difference in more detail, the EFP is a mode produced by users, adding a game system reminiscent of Tarcof to the game play of Stalker Anomali.. Tarkov’s various types of bullet, detailed firearm modification system, bullets in the magazine, and that each drug has a use.

Of course, it is a mode made by users, so it is not completely the same as Tarkov, but the traces of trying to make them feel quite similar are seen everywhere. It also brought medical supplies such as portable surgical kits and Sale, and if you suffer damage for each part, you can fall into a ‘blackout’ state that cannot be recovered until surgery. In addition, if the legs are injured, the character is limping, or if the arm is injured, it is very similar to aiming.

In addition, the EFP is supporting more realistic gameplay, such as having to get hunger and thirst by getting a meal or drink. And the elements of Tarkov, which were introduced in this way, have a good match with the existing stalker’s system, so I personally enjoyed it without any objection.

It may be because the original stalker and Tarkov have a similar atmosphere (a narrative that draws people who are self-sufficient and surviving in the blocked area), but the last work was a fresh pleasure that can be experienced in the game that was released about 13 years ago.

Of course, there are many differences between the two games. One of the features of the EFP comes from here, and it is pointed out that the stalker series maintains its unique identity.

As many gamers already know, the stalker deals with the story of John, who has become a ban on access due to the accident of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the abnormalities that occur in nearby areas. In the original, the huge plot hidden in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the story of the protagonist who revealed it, and various abnormalities and monsters and zombies facing the process.

In Anomali, a fan game that depicts the original story, this abnormal phenomenon appears, and monsters also appear. Among them, the most impressive of them is the Emotion, a periodic mental storm that occurs periodically in John, and it is a dangerous factor that leads to death if an appropriate shelter does not find a suitable shelter. In the story, the brain of the person exposed to this mental storm does not function properly and has a zombie setting, which may sound more terrible.

▲ The fear of the emotions that can be felt in EFP (starting from the 3rd minute)
The elements of these stalkers can be experienced in EFP mode. Thanks to the users and repaired for a long time, the graphics and sounds that have been developed have been added. You can check the symptoms of the emotions from the three minutes of the above video, and first of all, the crow’s crying sounds start to be heard, and afterwards, the entire area will be dug into the sound of the siren. A full-fledged mental storm struck the area right after that, and the atmosphere of the emotions in the shelter is a very special experience that can only be felt in the stalker series.

In addition, various underground laboratories that can be seen in the original series can also be experienced in the Tarcof-style combat style that can be experienced by the stalker. There are many elements that you can’t feel in the realistic battle, including a clocking state, a blood circus that can hit the protagonist anytime, anywhere, a controller that adds a mental attack, and a polar guist that floats around the surrounding objects.

Of course, you don’t have to worry about being a scary game. It’s less scary to explore and explore colleagues at a bar near the shelter. As you don’t support multiplayer, you don’t have to be attacked by your opponent, so you can concentrate your own gameplay.

If you want a single play experience full of realism


While introducing a real element of the ‘Tarcof’ type, ‘Stalker Anomali EFP mode’, which has a unique survival element and a little horror, is a complete mode that creates a unique charm by gathering the individuality of the two original works. It was a game. In particular, with the goal of high stability, there was little bug or error to play cognitive games, and once the game started, it was so immersive that it would play several hours.

It was also impressive that both Anomali and EFP were free of charge in the form of standal1. Often, mode games can be a barrier to entry, which is a preceding file or installation process.

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