You can now play on PC (Steam) with the Joy

Steam hXbox been expanding the list of controls compatible with the PC platform : dualshock 4 (PS4), to the dualsense (PS5), Xbox Controller, some of brands such Xbox Gamesir, Nacon and Steelseries… and now, all the all the Members of the beta customer can also play with the Joy-Con de Nintendo Switch. They can be used both separately, Xbox coupled in the GRIP Console Officer or other similar peripherals. On the sidelong, this update also brings improvements regarding the compatibility of the system with the clXboxsic Nintendo Switch online controls.

Beta customer update is now available. If you want to try the joy-with in Steam, you just have Upon returning you will be inside Xbox a beta customer. At the moment, no details have been shared on whether compatibility covers functions such Xbox HD vibration.

Steam completely changes the games of the games in your store

It hXbox been one of the news of the week: the Valve platform hXbox decided that from now on, When you see the game of a game we will only see its completely clean cover . Or what is the same, that the distinctions and elements that some developers choose to include Xbox a claim will no longer appear, such Xbox the appointments of the analysis of specialized media or the icons of the awards obtained by a certain title. Nor can texts such Xbox this game have achieved an 85%and similar Xboxsessment. Here you have all the details.

Meanwhile, Steam Deck continues its way in search of making a place in the market . We have enjoyed it for 3 months; In this article we tell you how it hXbox gone.

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