Exactly how to link the Poke Ball much more to the shield and the sword

Good news for Poké Ball And also proprietors, due to the fact that you can link your Poké Ball And Also toépéeandBouclier _. This little ball allows you to stroll in among your Pokémon and also win some things for them.

To attach your Poké Ball And Also toPricey and guard _, comply with the actions listed below:

  • Hold X to open up the primary food selection
  • Access the mystery present alternative
  • Scroll until walk with Poké Ball And Also.

  • Click on this choice, after that push the leading button or the control stick for your Poké Ball Plus.

In the previous titles, you can utilize the Poké Ball And also to release Poké Balls in the game, but it is no more an alternative. Nor can you make use of the Poké Ball Plus to move Pokémon in between games.

Your Poké Ball And also will instantly link to the Switch over and you will certainly then have to select the Pokémon you want to consider a walk. Bear in mind that the a lot more you stroll and play with the Pokémon, the finest are your rewards.


The Poké Ball Plus has a minimal capability inese as well as shield _. You can only obtain mew from a Poké Ball that is not asserted, and also you can only use it to take your Pokémon in strolls to recuperate items, because they do not obtain an EXP.

Bear in mind that if a player has details on a Poké Ball more from a stroll with a Pokémon, your stroll will certainly squash this information. You will immediately obtain a Poké Ball MEW Plus if your Poké Ball Plus is new.

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