EPOS GTW 270 Crossbreed EPOS test

Quick development till July 2022: the GTW 270 Hybrid returns to the front of the phase and also has essentially begins a microphone.

What is this new proposition worth? We offer you our condensed impacts.

The GTW 270 Hybrid in its new version is a great example of upgrade inspired by consumers and also objections developed by testers. We invite you to check out the internet throughout the web, as well as the primary criticism at the exit of the product in 2021 was nearly all: WTF, why exists no microphone?.

What we liked

The minimal as well as smooth style

Wireless headphones have a really premium facet , with a matte black surface which underscores the brand name logo on a light weight aluminum plate. Both headphones have a small LED sign, which, fortunately, does not stay on regularly, they only lightly illuminate to indicate the condition of connectivity or lots.

really comfy headphones

Customarily, EPOS supplies 3 sorts of suggestions to adapt your headphones to your ears: small, medium as well as huge. Small attribute, the pointers offer a flat layout which vary from traditional rounded ideas.

The headphones are really discreet as well as really light . They were made for the video game, yet do not have a pc gaming appearance, which means that you can use them in all your activities , also for paying attention to music in transportation, for your telephone calls at Workplace or at night for your console game sessions.

Advertising informs us that the engineers have compared thousands of thousands of ear accounts to discover an adequate formula: we possibly intend to pack our soft on us yet the truth is that they conveniently adapt to lots of ears.

An outstanding audio


Digital border sound 7.1 is sustained , which is particularly useful for video games on PlayStation 5 by enabling you to make use of 3D noise

EPOS headgears are hardly ever a dissatisfaction on this point, and also the GTW 270 Hybrid is no exception. The audio is extremely well balanced , and also unlike the large bulk of pc gaming safety helmets, does not highlight the bass simply for enjoyable.

The ideal image of this high quality? We are typically the first to go and also play in the criteria and also with the equalizers to have an audio that can be endured. We did not need to do it on this version. This will possibly not hold true for every person, yet we do not think our ear is one of the most details.

A microphone entirely up

The dual microphone records your voice well. They take care of to drown the background sounds, and offer a clear making. Used with the fundamental choices for every applications or platforms, our video game associates had no worry as well as heard us very clearly on Disharmony, on PlayStation 5 and also as part of telephone calls on the phone.

A small yet strong case

The headphones are supplied in a tons case with a steel finish , probably in brushed aluminum. It certainly uses a magnetic closure system, as well as the headphones are kept in location in case by magnets. It is small, hardly bigger than a thumb, which makes it easily mobile **.

One more point to keep in mind, an exterior switch of the case which allows you to straight associate a brand-new device with headphones. On the various other side, the USB-C port to load the case, using a USB-C to USB-A cable provided.

We have a growing number of enjoyable testing to drop the samples or put them in delicate scenarios, as well as it came out untouched from drops a meter high as well as we just saw a couple of micro-scratches after several days in a pocket complete of secrets .

Reduced latency many thanks to the Dongle

By linking the USB-C Dongle to your mobile phone, your console or your laptop computer , you open the audio with reduced latency, which virtually immediately makes the audios of your game, erasing the small removable change in normal usage. It’s good A feature that is just recommended for game : If you wish to listen to music, satisfied with the great old bluetooth.

The dongle is small (the manufacturer gives you with a small keychain cover so as not to shed it throughout your trips) as well as the connection to the headphones is quick . One more important point of information: Do not forget to trigger the dongle supply when you link it to your Android phone!

What we liked much less

No touch controls for quantity

The headphones provide a control by means of a push button system : you can state that we are old game, we presume, we are really not a follower in any way touch, which triggers way too many errors. There, you have a small button, put carefully, which gives you a good variety of functions: start as well as stop reviewing songs, navigate in between following and previous titles, address a phone call or release the voice aide.

The only point that is missing out on is nevertheless one of the most important: We have no direct control over the quantity, which is nonetheless in our eyes more crucial than having the ability to talk to Google Aide .

a limited battery life life-span

We were able to attract 6 hrs from a fee of the headphones, and about twenty hrs of additional usage many thanks to the case. It is in our eyes instead within the reduced limitation of what is done on the market: the standard of the last wireless headphones that we had the ability to test on Jol is instead towards a life expectancy of ten hrs on one cost.

In reduced latency setting, the microphone did not function

Keep in mind the incomplete of this subtitle: when you began writing this examination, you might not utilize the microphone when you utilized the dongle to decrease latency. Which was still a spiritual black point. You had a great safety helmet, a fantastic sound, a super mini, yet you might not use them completely for a supreme experience.

This is the practice with Sennheiser or EPOS, it’s super costly, yet it’s so good, however it’s still very costly . For EUR 149.00 PVMC, you might acquire two sets of headphones with efficiency simply a little less… It remains to be seen whether for you, the difference in performance justifies the price difference!

It stays a shame and somewhat absurd to see that the delivery and the sale of partially practical products have actually been accredited at one time or another, one can not assist the poor purchasers who will certainly not have the reflex to seek up to day and bad advertising generated for a differently excellent item.

Except that as an excellent journalist, we took the time to take a look at whether there was an upgrade of the firmware which made it feasible to fix this mainly regrettable circumstance. There is one and it just costs you a couple of minutes to unlock the complete possibility of your gadget.

The cost

spits your headset, myrhdin

What makes for us the major difference continues to be the follow-up provided in its offer by the firm EPOS .

The competition is nevertheless dreadful currently, as well as we must remind you that many manufacturers provide excellent high quality options, even if not necessarily as total, for more affordable budgets.

The headphones are delivered in a tons case with a metal surface , possibly in combed light weight aluminum. The dongle is small (the maker provides you with a small keychain cover so as not to lose it during your trips) as well as the link to the headphones is quick . We were able to check it without occurrence on both a Nintendo Switch as on a PlayStation 5 or an Android ph1. An additional vital point of detail: Do not forget to activate the dongle supply when you connect it to your Android phone!

There is truly not much to discard. Simple, sober and efficient style, great top quality, a justified financial investment for nomadic or most flexible players. The only real black factor for us is really the absence of volume control directly on the helmet.

What creates us the primary difference remains the follow-up offered in its offer by the company EPOS . Unquestionably, follow-up is the effect of breaches: no microphone on the first version, a remarkable lapse of memory on the 2nd variation. In one case as in the various other, Epos took note of the worry and also established a solution rapidly: definitely, the owners of the first variation will certainly have to acquire the brand-new to have a microphone, yet at least, an easy totally free update Conveniently solved a style problem for proprietors of the 2nd variation.

If you are seeking high quality True Wireless headphones for games, music as well as movies, the GTW 270 Hybrid is for you. Secure your budget, discover the ideal suggestion dimension and also these headphones will certainly supply you an exceptional quality experience.

_ Ce examination was accomplished by Myrhdin with a device given by the maker. Its preparing is not the fruit of any monetary purchase whether in between the editor or gamesonline and the supplier or the companies representing it. _.

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