What is a simulacra in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is a beautiful and exciting world in which science fiction is combined with fantasy. The game has something to open and you can use various characters. In addition, there are simulackers that can be equipped. But this can make you ask you what Simulacrum is, how they work and how to get more in Tower of Fantasy.

How simulacra operates in Tower of Fantasy

Simulakra is not quite characters, but a weapon that you can equip. This weapon is filled with and from ancient heroes **, allowing you to call and use them in battle. Along with their combat skills, you also get their personality, body and abilities. This expands your game list and allows you to experiment with various game styles.


You get the opportunity to equip and call the simulacra at the beginning of the game Tower of Fantasy. This means that you will not have to wait long before you can try them yourself. You want to collect the simulacrum and expand your arsenal, which means that you will need to get more. Here’s how to get more simulars in Tower of Fantasy.

how to get simulacra at Tower of Fantasy

Simulakra cannot be bought directly, they can be purchased in sets with Gacha Mechanics -this is done using golden core . You can purchase these packages separately or spend 10 at that time to increase your chances stretching a more powerful and rare simulacu. Fantasy tower Spend of the update will also reward you with a simulacrum, but you must purchase it separately.

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